Australia vs. New Zealand

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Australia 9 def. New Zealand 5

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Wednesday, November 1st, 1972
Mick Naughton
Parc des Princes (Paris)
  Australia New Zealand
  9 5

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Bob Fulton   John Whittaker
    Dennis Ward    
Goals   Ray Branighan (1)   John Wilson (1)
Field Goals   Bob Fulton    


Fullback 1. Graeme Langlands (c) 1. John Wilson
Wing 2. John Grant 2. Phil Orchard
Centre 3. Ray Branighan 3. Maurice Brereton
Centre 4. Geoff Starling 4. Roy Christian (c)
Wing 5. Stephen Knight 5. John Whittaker
Five-Eighth 6. Bob Fulton 6. Dennis Williams
Halfback 7. Dennis Ward 7. Brian Tracey
Front Row 8. John O'Neill 8. Don Mann
Hooker 9. Elwyn Walters 9. William Burgoyne
Front Row 10. Bob O'Reilly 10. Doug Gailey
Second Row 11. Gary Sullivan 11. Murray Eade
Second Row 12. John Elford 12. Robert Paul
Lock 13. Paul Sait 13. Peter Gurnick
Bench 14. Gary Stevens 14. Rodney Walker
Coach   Harry Bath    

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