Kangaroos Tour 1982 Series

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Game 2

Wigan 9 lost to Australia 13

Match URL
Wednesday, October 13th, 1982
Kick Off
7:30 PM (local time)
Gerry Kershaw
Central Park (Wigan)
  Wigan Australia
  9 13

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 10
Scrums 3 1
Penalties 23 18

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Henderson Gill   Kerry Boustead
        John Muggleton
        Paul McCabe
Goals   Colin Whitfield (3)   Steve Ella (2)


Fullback 1. Barry Williams 1. Ian Schubert
Wing 2. Dennis Ramsdale 2. Chris Anderson
Centre 3. David Stephenson 3. Steve Ella
Centre 4. Colin Whitfield 4. Gene Miles
Wing 5. Henderson Gill 5. Kerry Boustead
Five-Eighth 6. Martin Foy 6. Wally Lewis (c)
Halfback 7. Gary Stephens (c) 7. Steve Mortimer
Front Row 8. Lee Bamber 8. Don McKinnon
Hooker 9. Nicky Kiss 9. Ray Brown
Front Row 10. Glyn Shaw 10. Rohan Hancock
Second Row 11. Brian Juliff 11. Paul McCabe
Second Row 12. Mick Scott 12. John Muggleton
Lock 13. John Pendlebury 13. Wayne Pearce
Bench 14. Jimmy Fairhurst 14. Steve Rogers
Bench 15. Danny Campbell 15. Ray Price
Coach   Alex Murphy   Frank Stanton

Match Notes

Australia used the tactic of kicking duels in this game. Barry Williams (Wigan) was penalised during one duel for delaying play.

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Contributions: Bill Bates


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