Kangaroos Tour 1982 Series

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Game 11

Fulham 5 lost to Australia 22

Match URL
Sunday, November 14th, 1982
Billy Thompson
Craven Cottage (London)
  Fulham Australia
  5 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 8
Scrums 5 8
Penalties 12 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Hussein M'Barki   Steve Ella
        John Muggleton
        Mark Murray
        Paul McCabe
        Don McKinnon
        John Ribot de Bresac
Goals   Steve Diamond (1)   Steve Ella (1/4)
        Wally Lewis (1/4)


Fullback 1. David Eckersley 1. Steve Ella
Wing 2. Adrian Cambriani 2. Chris Anderson
Centre 3. David Allen 3. Gene Miles
Centre 4. Steve Diamond 4. Wally Lewis (c)
Wing 5. Hussein M'Barki 5. John Ribot de Bresac
Five-Eighth 6. John Crossley 6. Mark Murray
Halfback 7. Reg Bowden (c) 7. Steve Mortimer
Front Row 8. Harry Beverley 8. Don McKinnon
Hooker 9. John Dalgreen 9. Ray Brown
Front Row 10. Tony Gourley 10. Les Boyd
Second Row 11. Martin Herdman 11. Paul McCabe
Second Row 12. Peter Souto 12. John Muggleton
Lock 13. Joe Doherty 13. Ian Schubert
Bench 14. Neil Tuffs 14. Greg Conescu
Coach   Reg Bowden   Frank Stanton

Match Notes

This match was played in poor weather conditions.

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Contributions: Bill Bates


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