Round 3

Eastern Suburbs 9 def. Western Suburbs Magpies 2

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Saturday, April 29th, 1939
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
Arthur Davis
Sydney Sports Ground (Sydney)
  Eastern Suburbs Western Suburbs Magpies
  9 2

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 2

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off       Edward Mewton
Tries   Andy Norval    
    Henry Pierce    
    Fred Robinson    
Goals       Bill Keato (1)


Fullback 1. Jim Norton 1. Jim Sharman (c)
Wing 2. Rod O'Loan 2. Fred Baber
Centre 3. Lionel Pawley 3. Bill Keato
Centre 4. Dick Dunn 4. Colin Fewtrell
Wing 5. Percy Dermond 5. Bill Purcell
Five-Eighth 6. Ernie Norman 6. Cal Lynch
Halfback 7. Fred Robinson 7. Albert McGuinness
Lock 13. Andy Norval 13. Don Gulliver
Second Row 12. Joe Pearce 12. Edward Mewton
Second Row 11. Henry Pierce 11. Fred McKean
Front Row 10. Jack Arnold 10. Don Murray
Hooker 9. Noel Hollingdale 9. Ken Lock
Front Row 8. Ray Stehr (c) 8. Jack Piper
Coach   Ray Stehr   Jim Craig

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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Contributions: Rugby League Tables, Greg Fiveash