Australia vs. Papua New Guinea

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Australia 70 def. Papua New Guinea 8

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Wednesday, July 20th, 1988
Neville Kesha
Eric Weissel Oval (Wagga Wagga)
Official Man of the Match
Allan Langer
  Australia Papua New Guinea
  70 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score    
Scrums 9 10
Penalties 2 2

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Michael O'Connor (4)   Mea Morea
    Allan Langer (2)    
    Mal Meninga (2)    
    Greg Conescu    
    Tony Currie    
    Wally Fullerton-Smith    
    Garry Jack    
    Wally Lewis    
    Gavin Miller    
Goals   Michael O'Connor (7/14)   Bal Numapo (2/2)


Fullback 1. Garry Jack 1. Ipisa Wanega
Wing 2. Michael O'Connor 2. Arnold Krewanty
Centre 3. Mal Meninga 3. Dairi Kovae
Centre 4. Peter Jackson 4. Bal Numapo (c)
Wing 5. Tony Currie 5. Mea Morea
Five-Eighth 6. Wally Lewis (c) 6. Lauta Atoi
Halfback 7. Allan Langer 7. Darius Haili
Front Row 8. Paul Dunn 8. Thomas Rombuk
Hooker 9. Greg Conescu 9. Michael Matmillo
Front Row 10. Phil Daley 10. Daroa Ben-Moide
Second Row 11. Wally Fullerton-Smith 11. Mathias Kambra
Second Row 12. Gavin Miller 12. Tuiyo Evei
Lock 13. Wayne Pearce 13. Joe Gispe
Bench 14. Des Hasler 14. Andrew Kuno
Bench 15. Paul Vautin 15. Sam Karara
Coach   Don Furner   Skerry Palanga

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