Wigan Warriors vs. Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

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Wigan Warriors 31 def. Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 24

Match URL
Monday, July 28th, 1997
Kick Off
7:30 PM (local time)
Russell Smith
Central Park (Wigan)
  Wigan Warriors Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
  31 24

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 18

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off       Glen Hughes
        Steve Reardon
Tries   Gary Connolly   Daryl Halligan (2)
    Neil Cowie   Simon Gillies
    Andy Farrell   Robert Mears
    Kris Radlinski    
    Jason Robinson    
Goals   Andy Farrell (5)   Daryl Halligan (4)
Field Goals   Andy Farrell    


Fullback 1. Henry Paul 1. Barry Berrigan
Wing 2. Andy Johnson 2. Daryl Halligan
Centre 3. Gary Connolly 3. Shane Marteene
Centre 4. Kris Radlinski 4. John Timu
Wing 5. Jason Robinson 5. Hazem El Masri
Five-Eighth 6. Darryl Cardiss 6. Glen Hughes
Halfback 7. Craig Murdock 7. Craig Polla-Mounter
Front Row 8. Neil Cowie 8. Darren Britt
Hooker 9. Mick Cassidy 9. Robert Mears
Front Row 10. Terry O'Connor 10. Steve Price
Second Row 11. Simon Haughton 11. Steve Reardon
Second Row 12. Stuart Lester 12. Simon Gillies
Lock 13. Andy Farrell 13. Travis Norton
Bench 14. Stephen Holgate 14. Barry Ward
Bench 15. Paul Johnson 15. Robert Relf
Bench 16. Gael Tallec 16. Mitch Newton
Bench 17. Lee Hansen 17. James Pickering
Coach   Eric Hughes   Chris Anderson

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