Lions Tour 1962 Series

Game 5

New South Wales Firsts 28 lost to Great Britain 33

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Saturday, June 2nd, 1962
Cliff Brown
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  New South Wales Firsts Great Britain
  28 33

Match Stats

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Match Scoresheet

Sent Off   Michael Cleary   Billy Boston
    Ken Irvine   Bill Sayer
    Billy Wilson   Mick Sullivan
Tries   John Raper (2)   Eric Ashton (3)
    Ken Irvine   Dave Bolton
    Don Parish   Gary Cooper
        Gerry Round
        Mick Sullivan
Goals   Don Parish (8/8)   Neil Fox (6)


Fullback 1. Don Parish 1. Gerry Round
Wing 2. Michael Cleary 2. Billy Boston
Centre 3. Tony Paskins (c) 3. Eric Ashton (c)
Centre 4. Vince Everingham 4. Neil Fox
Wing 5. Ken Irvine 5. Mick Sullivan
Five-Eighth 6. Brian Clay 6. Dave Bolton
Halfback 7. Arthur Summons 7. Alex Murphy
Front Row 13. Billy Wilson 13. Norman Herbert
Hooker 12. Ian Walsh 12. Bill Sayer
Front Row 11. Robin Gourley 11. Brian McTigue
Second Row 10. Barry Harris 10. Brian Edgar
Second Row 9. Brian Hambly 9. Dick Huddart
Lock 8. John Raper 8. Derek Turner
Bench     14. Gary Cooper
Coach   Harry Bath    

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