City vs Country 2002

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NSW Country Origin 16 lost to NSW City Origin 26

Match URL
Friday, May 10th, 2002
Kick Off
7:30 PM (local time)
Tim Mander
Eric Weissel Oval (Wagga Wagga)
  NSW Country Origin NSW City Origin
  16 26

Match Stats

Halftime Score 4 14
Scrums 5 10
Penalties 4 4

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Timana Tahu (2)   Michael De Vere (2)
    Luke Patten   Kevin McGuinness
        John Skandalis
        Craig Wing
Goals   Craig Fitzgibbon (2/3)   Michael De Vere (3/5)


Fullback 1. Luke Patten 1. Brett Hodgson
Wing 2. Timana Tahu 2. Hazem El Masri
Centre 3. Matthew Gidley 3. Kevin McGuinness
Centre 4. Mark Hughes 4. Michael De Vere
Wing 5. Jason Moodie 5. John Hopoate
Five-Eighth 6. Scott Hill 6. Braith Anasta
Halfback 7. Brett Kimmorley 7. Brent Sherwin
Front Row 8. Josh Perry 8. Robbie Kearns
Hooker 9. Simon Woolford 9. Craig Gower
Front Row 10. Matt Parsons 10. Mark O'Meley
Second Row 11. Steve Simpson 11. Nathan Long
Second Row 12. Craig Fitzgibbon 12. Steve Menzies
Lock 13. Andrew Ryan 13. Nick Graham
Bench 14. John Morris 14. Darren Senter
Bench 15. Paul Stringer 15. John Skandalis
Bench 16. Luke Bailey 16. Matt Geyer
Bench 17. Jamie Feeney 17. Craig Wing
Coach   Brian Smith   Graham Murray

Match Notes

Braith Anasta was Man of the match.

Andrew Ryan wa sinitially picked for City and then ten minutes later he was selected for Country. City relented and Ryan withdrew from the City side.

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