Australia vs France 1981 Series

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Game 1

Australia 43 def. France 3

Match URL
Saturday, July 4th, 1981
Kevin Steel
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
Official Man of the Match
Paul McCabe
  Australia France
  43 3

Match Stats

Halftime Score 30 0
Penalties 12 9

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Steve Mortimer (2)   Hugues Ratier
    Paul McCabe (2)    
    Kerry Boustead    
    Greg Brentnall    
    Jeff Masterman    
    John Ribot de Bresac    
    Steve Rogers    
Goals   Michael Cronin (8)    


Fullback 1. Greg Brentnall 1. Sebastian Rodriguez
Wing 2. Kerry Boustead 2. Hugues Ratier
Centre 3. Steve Rogers (c) 3. Jacky Imbert
Centre 4. Michael Cronin 4. Philippe Fourquet
Wing 5. John Ribot de Bresac 5. Bernard Imbert
Five-Eighth 6. Wally Lewis 6. Guy Alard
Halfback 7. Steve Mortimer 7. Ivan Grésèque
Front Row 13. Craig Young 13. Max Chantal
Hooker 12. Jeff Masterman 12. Christian Macalli
Front Row 11. Ron Hilditch 11. Delphin Castanon
Second Row 10. Les Boyd 10. Didier Hermet (c)
Second Row 9. Paul McCabe 9. Jose Gine
Lock 8. Ray Price 8. Jean-Jacques Vila
Bench 14. Phil Sigsworth 14. Herve Guiraud
Bench 15. Rod Morris    
Coach   Frank Stanton    

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