NRL 2013

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Round 1
Thu Mar 7th 8:00pm Sydney 10 South Sydney 28 B. Cummins, C. James Allianz 35,952 View
Fri Mar 8th 7:00pm Brisbane 14 Manly Warringah 22 S. Hayne, A. Shortall Suncorp 31,139 View
Sat Mar 9th 7:30pm Canterbury 12 North Queensland 24 J. Robinson, G. Morris Central Coast 11,627 View
Sat Mar 9th 5:30pm Parramatta 40 Warriors 10 J. Maxwell, A. Gee Parramatta 13,351 View
Sun Mar 10th 6:30pm Cronulla 12 Gold Coast Titans 10 A. Klein, P. Haines Shark Stadium 17,541 View
Sun Mar 10th 3:00pm Melbourne 30 St George Illawarra 10 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips AAMI Park 16,251 View
Sun Mar 10th 2:00pm Penrith 32 Canberra 10 A. Devcich, H. Perenara Centrebet 10,882 View
Mon Mar 11th 7:00pm Newcastle 42 Wests Tigers 10 G. Sutton, B. Suttor Hunter 21,935 View
Round 2
Thu Mar 14th 8:00pm Parramatta 16 Canterbury 20 S. Hayne, A. Shortall ANZ 25,068 View
Fri Mar 15th 8:00pm St George Illawarra 6 Brisbane 22 J. Robinson, G. Morris WIN Stadium 13,156 View
Sat Mar 16th 6:30pm North Queensland 10 Melbourne 32 G. Sutton, B. Suttor 1300SMILES 19,288 View
Sat Mar 16th 7:30pm Warriors 14 Sydney 16 A. Klein, P. Haines Eden Park 32,740 View
Sun Mar 17th 1:00pm Gold Coast Titans 36 Canberra 0 A. Devcich, H. Perenara Skilled Park 12,267 View
Sun Mar 17th 6:30pm Manly Warringah 32 Newcastle 0 B. Cummins, C. James Brookvale 12,263 View
Sun Mar 17th 3:00pm Wests Tigers 28 Penrith 18 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips Campbelltown 9,715 View
Mon Mar 18th 7:00pm South Sydney 14 Cronulla 12 J. Maxwell, A. Gee ANZ 14,128 View
Round 3
Thu Mar 21st 8:05pm Melbourne 22 Canterbury 18 B. Cummins, C. James AAMI Park 11,923 View
Fri Mar 22nd 8:05pm Wests Tigers 31 Parramatta 18 S. Hayne, A. Shortall Leichhardt 18,326 View
Sat Mar 23rd 4:30pm Gold Coast Titans 16 Manly Warringah 14 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips Skilled Park 13,168 View
Sat Mar 23rd 7:30pm Sydney 8 Brisbane 0 G. Sutton, B. Suttor Allianz 13,047 View
Sun Mar 24th 6:30pm Canberra 30 St George Illawarra 17 J. Maxwell, G. Badger Canberra Stadium 12,115 View
Sun Mar 24th 2:00pm Cronulla 28 Warriors 4 A. Devcich, H. Perenara Shark Stadium 12,183 View
Sun Mar 24th 3:00pm Penrith 32 South Sydney 44 A. Klein, P. Haines Centrebet 12,940 View
Mon Mar 25th 7:00pm Newcastle 34 North Queensland 6 G. Morris, J. Robinson Hunter 15,758 View
Round 4
Thu Mar 28th 8:05pm Manly Warringah 26 Wests Tigers 0 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips Central Coast 11,758 View
Fri Mar 29th 7:05pm Brisbane 26 Melbourne 32 J. Maxwell, A. Devcich Suncorp 40,071 View
Fri Mar 29th 4:00pm Canterbury 12 South Sydney 17 S. Hayne, A. Shortall ANZ 51,686 View
Sat Mar 30th 7:30pm Cronulla 12 St George Illawarra 25 A. Klein, P. Haines Shark Stadium 20,130 View
Sun Mar 31st 6:30pm Newcastle 28 Canberra 12 G. Sutton, B. Suttor Hunter 18,869 View
Sun Mar 31st 3:00pm Penrith 10 Gold Coast Titans 28 J. Robinson, G. Morris Centrebet 8,181 View
Mon Apr 1st 7:00pm Sydney 50 Parramatta 0 B. Cummins, C. James Allianz 18,014 View
Mon Apr 1st 6:00pm Warriors 20 North Queensland 18 G. Badger, H. Perenara Mt Smart 10,572 View
Round 5
Fri Apr 5th 7:35pm Canterbury 6 Manly Warringah 20 A. Klein, P. Haines ANZ 18,563 View
Fri Apr 5th 7:35pm Gold Coast Titans 12 Brisbane 32 S. Hayne, A. Shortall Skilled Park 22,749 View
Sat Apr 6th 6:30pm North Queensland 30 Penrith 0 A. Devcich, C. James 1300SMILES 12,431 View
Sat Apr 6th 5:30pm Parramatta 13 Cronulla 6 G. Badger, H. Perenara Parramatta 11,063 View
Sun Apr 7th 6:30pm Canberra 24 Sydney 22 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips Canberra Stadium 10,969 View
Sun Apr 7th 3:00pm St George Illawarra 19 Newcastle 16 B. Cummins, G. Morris WIN Jubilee 14,226 View
Sun Apr 7th 4:00pm Warriors 22 South Sydney 24 J. Maxwell, D. Munro Mt Smart 13,512 View
Mon Apr 8th 7:00pm Melbourne 26 Wests Tigers 12 J. Robinson, A. Gee AAMI Park 18,868 View
Round 6
Fri Apr 12th 7:30pm Brisbane 12 North Queensland 10 A. Klein, P. Haines Suncorp 42,556 View
Fri Apr 12th 7:30pm Sydney 38 Canterbury 0 B. Cummins, G. Morris Allianz 22,552 View
Sat Apr 13th 7:30pm Canberra 20 Warriors 16 A. Devcich, C. James Canberra Stadium 9,699 View
Sat Apr 13th 5:30pm Newcastle 8 Penrith 6 G. Badger, H. Perenara Hunter 15,536 View
Sat Apr 13th 7:30pm South Sydney 10 Melbourne 17 S. Hayne, A. Shortall ANZ 32,671 View
Sun Apr 14th 6:30pm Gold Coast Titans 28 Parramatta 22 J. Robinson, A. Gee Skilled Park 12,027 View
Sun Apr 14th 2:00pm Manly Warringah 25 Cronulla 18 J. Maxwell, D. Munro Brookvale 17,504 View
Sun Apr 14th 3:00pm Wests Tigers 12 St George Illawarra 13 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips SCG 21,844 View
Round 7
Thu Apr 25th 7:00pm Melbourne 28 Warriors 18 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara AAMI Park 25,480 View
Thu Apr 25th 4:00pm Sydney 34 St George Illawarra 10 S. Hayne, G. Sutton Allianz 40,752 View
Fri Apr 26th 7:45pm Manly Warringah 12 South Sydney 20 A. Klein, P. Haines Brookvale 20,510 View
Sat Apr 27th 5:30pm North Queensland 30 Canberra 12 G. Badger, A. Shortall 1300SMILES 13,240 View
Sat Apr 27th 7:30pm Wests Tigers 10 Brisbane 20 B. Cummins, G. Morris Campbelltown 11,547 View
Sun Apr 28th 3:00pm Cronulla 8 Canterbury 24 A. Devcich, C. James Central Coast 10,131 View
Sun Apr 28th 2:00pm Gold Coast Titans 6 Newcastle 30 J. Maxwell, L. Phillips Skilled Park 14,201 View
Mon Apr 29th 7:00pm Penrith 44 Parramatta 12 J. Robinson, G. Reynolds Centrebet 14,211 View
Round 8
Fri May 3rd 7:35pm Brisbane 12 South Sydney 26 S. Hayne, G. Sutton Suncorp 39,111 View
Fri May 3rd 7:35pm Canterbury 40 Wests Tigers 4 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara ANZ 23,453 View
Sat May 4th 5:30pm Melbourne 20 Canberra 24 A. Klein, P. Haines AAMI Park 15,464 View
Sat May 4th 7:30pm Parramatta 10 North Queensland 14 A. Devcich, C. James Parramatta 9,157 View
Sun May 5th 2:00pm Newcastle 20 Cronulla 21 G. Badger, A. Shortall Hunter 16,983 View
Sun May 5th 3:00pm Sydney 30 Penrith 6 J. Maxwell, L. Phillips Allianz 11,176 View
Sun May 5th 2:00pm Warriors 25 Gold Coast Titans 24 J. Robinson, G. Reynolds Mt Smart 9,465 View
Mon May 6th 7:00pm St George Illawarra 18 Manly Warringah 24 B. Cummins, G. Morris WIN Jubilee 11,607 View
Round 9
Fri May 10th 7:35pm South Sydney 28 North Queensland 10 J. Maxwell, L. Phillips ANZ 15,972 View
Fri May 10th 7:30pm Wests Tigers 6 Cronulla 30 B. Cummins, P. Haines Allianz 9,858 View
Sat May 11th 7:30pm Parramatta 19 Brisbane 18 A. Klein, G. Reynolds Parramatta 11,005 View
Sat May 11th 7:30pm Warriors 16 Canterbury 24 A. Devcich, C. James Westpac 30,112 View
Sun May 12th 2:00pm Canberra 44 Newcastle 14 J. Robinson, G. Morris Canberra Stadium 10,453 View
Sun May 12th 3:15pm Gold Coast Titans 15 St George Illawarra 14 S. Hayne, G. Sutton Skilled Park 12,117 View
Sun May 12th 6:30pm Penrith 12 Melbourne 10 G. Badger, A. Shortall Centrebet 7,803 View
Mon May 13th 7:00pm Manly Warringah 4 Sydney 16 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara Brookvale 12,950 View
Round 10
Fri May 17th 7:35pm Brisbane 32 Gold Coast Titans 6 B. Cummins, P. Haines Suncorp 34,596 View
Fri May 17th 7:35pm South Sydney 54 Wests Tigers 10 J. Maxwell, L. Phillips ANZ 19,718 View
Sat May 18th 7:30pm North Queensland 8 Sydney 12 A. Klein, G. Reynolds 1300SMILES 13,666 View
Sat May 18th 7:30pm Penrith 62 Warriors 6 B. Sutton, H. Perenara Centrebet 9,386 View
Sat May 18th 5:30pm St George Illawarra 32 Parramatta 12 G. Badger, A. Shortall WIN Stadium 17,458 View
Sun May 19th 2:00pm Cronulla 30 Canberra 20 A. Devcich, C. James Shark Stadium 12,130 View
Sun May 19th 3:00pm Newcastle 44 Canterbury 8 J. Robinson, G. Morris Hunter 18,982 View
Mon May 20th 7:00pm Melbourne 10 Manly Warringah 10 S. Hayne, M. Cecchin AAMI Park 12,961 View
Round 11
Fri May 24th 7:35pm Canterbury 24 Brisbane 14 J. Maxwell, H. Perenara ANZ 11,344 View
Fri May 24th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 22 North Queensland 20 J. Robinson, G. Morris Leichhardt 7,125 View
Sat May 25th 7:30pm Manly Warringah 16 Canberra 10 G. Badger, A. Shortall Brookvale 10,871 View
Sat May 25th 5:30pm St George Illawarra 0 Penrith 19 A. Devcich, C. James WIN Jubilee 10,922 View
Sat May 25th 7:30pm Sydney 18 Melbourne 26 S. Hayne, A. Klein Allianz 19,164 View
Sun May 26th 3:00pm Parramatta 4 Gold Coast Titans 42 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds Glen Willow 9,132 View
Sun May 26th 4:00pm Warriors 28 Newcastle 12 G. Sutton, L. Phillips Mt Smart 9,257 View
Mon May 27th 7:00pm Cronulla 14 South Sydney 12 B. Cummins, B. Suttor Shark Stadium 12,243 View
Round 12
Fri May 31st 7:45pm Canterbury 16 St George Illawarra 14 J. Maxwell, P. Haines ANZ 22,958 View
Sat Jun 1st 7:30pm South Sydney 25 Newcastle 18 G. Badger, A. Shortall ANZ 13,225 View
Sun Jun 2nd 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 31 North Queensland 12 G. Sutton, G. Reynolds Skilled Park 12,790 View
Mon Jun 3rd 7:00pm Brisbane 18 Warriors 56 B. Cummins, B. Suttor Suncorp 21,259 View
Round 13
Fri Jun 7th 7:45pm Parramatta 24 Sydney 38 A. Devcich, G. Morris Parramatta 12,135 View
Sat Jun 8th 5:30pm Newcastle 8 St George Illawarra 14 J. Robinson, H. Perenara Hunter 19,214 View
Sat Jun 8th 7:30pm North Queensland 26 Canterbury 36 M. Cecchin, A. Gee 1300SMILES 12,775 View
Sun Jun 9th 6:30pm Melbourne 38 Cronulla 6 A. Klein, C. James AAMI Park 16,231 View
Sun Jun 9th 3:00pm Penrith 18 Wests Tigers 20 J. Maxwell, P. Haines Centrebet 16,827 View
Sun Jun 9th 4:00pm Warriors 18 Manly Warringah 16 B. Cummins, B. Suttor Mt Smart 11,142 View
Mon Jun 10th 7:00pm Canberra 30 Brisbane 18 G. Sutton, L. Phillips Canberra Stadium 10,419 View
Round 14
Fri Jun 14th 7:35pm Manly Warringah 30 Canterbury 32 S. Hayne, G. Morris Brookvale 12,157 View
Fri Jun 14th 7:35pm St George Illawarra 16 North Queensland 22 J. Maxwell, P. Haines WIN Stadium 9,035 View
Sat Jun 15th 5:30pm Canberra 24 Penrith 12 B. Cummins, A. Gee Canberra Stadium 9,176 View
Sat Jun 15th 7:30pm Cronulla 32 Parramatta 14 J. Robinson, A. Devcich Shark Stadium 11,055 View
Sun Jun 16th 3:00pm Melbourne 16 Newcastle 14 G. Sutton, H. Perenara AAMI Park 12,861 View
Sun Jun 16th 2:00pm South Sydney 30 Gold Coast Titans 24 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins Barlow Park 16,118 View
Sun Jun 16th 6:30pm Sydney 12 Warriors 23 A. Klein, C. James Allianz 11,040 View
Mon Jun 17th 7:00pm Brisbane 32 Wests Tigers 12 G. Badger, A. Shortall Suncorp 21,339 View
Round 15
Fri Jun 21st 7:45pm Canterbury 18 Sydney 20 M. Cecchin, G. Badger ANZ 20,273 View
Sat Jun 22nd 7:30pm Wests Tigers 17 Canberra 12 A. Devcich, A. Shortall Campbelltown 7,833 View
Sun Jun 23rd 3:00pm Parramatta 10 South Sydney 30 G. Sutton, H. Perenara ANZ 17,077 View
Mon Jun 24th 7:00pm Gold Coast Titans 18 Melbourne 12 J. Maxwell, G. Atkins Skilled Park 13,044 View
Round 16
Fri Jun 28th 7:45pm South Sydney 32 Canberra 2 B. Cummins, C. James ANZ 11,167 View
Sat Jun 29th 7:30pm Penrith 25 St George Illawarra 10 G. Badger, P. Haines Centrebet 6,271 View
Sat Jun 29th 5:30pm Wests Tigers 22 Melbourne 4 J. Maxwell, G. Atkins Leichhardt 5,288 View
Sun Jun 30th 2:00pm Newcastle 46 Gold Coast Titans 16 S. Hayne, J. Robinson Hunter 9,208 View
Sun Jun 30th 6:30pm North Queensland 24 Cronulla 4 A. Devcich, A. Shortall 1300SMILES 14,434 View
Sun Jun 30th 4:00pm Warriors 18 Brisbane 16 G. Sutton, H. Perenara Mt Smart 15,515 View
Mon Jul 1st 7:00pm Sydney 18 Manly Warringah 12 M. Cecchin, G. Morris Allianz 16,246 View
Round 17
Fri Jul 5th 7:35pm Cronulla 36 Wests Tigers 22 M. Cecchin, B. Cummins Remondis Stadium 13,843 View
Fri Jul 5th 7:35pm Melbourne 32 Brisbane 0 G. Sutton, L. Phillips AAMI Park 16,828 View
Sat Jul 6th 7:00pm Gold Coast Titans 18 Penrith 40 A. Shortall, H. Perenara TIO Stadium 8,050 View
Sat Jul 6th 5:30pm St George Illawarra 0 Sydney 36 A. Devcich, C. James WIN Jubilee 11,857 View
Sun Jul 7th 2:00pm Canberra 26 North Queensland 18 J. Robinson, G. Morris Canberra Stadium 10,515 View
Sun Jul 7th 3:00pm Canterbury 12 Newcastle 18 S. Hayne, J. Maxwell Virgin Aust. 9,742 View
Sun Jul 7th 4:30pm South Sydney 30 Warriors 13 A. Klein, D. Munro nib Stadium 20,221 View
Mon Jul 8th 7:00pm Manly Warringah 50 Parramatta 10 G. Badger, P. Haines Brookvale 10,987 View
Round 18
Fri Jul 12th 7:45pm Brisbane 18 Cronulla 19 M. Cecchin, L. Phillips Suncorp 25,677 View
Sat Jul 13th 5:30pm Parramatta 10 Penrith 17 J. Maxwell, H. Perenara Parramatta 9,327 View
Sun Jul 14th 3:00pm Canterbury 39 Melbourne 0 G. Sutton, A. Shortall ANZ 16,406 View
Mon Jul 15th 7:00pm North Queensland 14 Manly Warringah 34 A. Klein, D. Munro 1300SMILES 9,029 View
Round 19
Fri Jul 19th 7:45pm Wests Tigers 14 Warriors 24 G. Badger, L. Phillips Leichhardt 11,436 View
Sat Jul 20th 5:30pm Canberra 14 Parramatta 0 J. Robinson, G. Morris Canberra Stadium 7,023 View
Sat Jul 20th 7:30pm Sydney 40 Cronulla 0 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara Allianz 13,706 View
Sun Jul 21st 3:00pm Manly Warringah 38 Gold Coast Titans 20 B. Cummins, C. James Brookvale 11,905 View
Sun Jul 21st 2:00pm Penrith 14 Newcastle 32 A. Klein, A. Devcich Centrebet 10,240 View
Mon Jul 22nd 7:00pm South Sydney 18 St George Illawarra 22 G. Sutton, D. Munro ANZ 14,571 View
Round 20
Fri Jul 26th 7:35pm Canterbury 40 Parramatta 12 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds ANZ 23,341 View
Fri Jul 26th 7:35pm North Queensland 16 Brisbane 18 G. Sutton, G. Atkins 1300SMILES 17,702 View
Sat Jul 27th 7:30pm Gold Coast Titans 4 South Sydney 32 A. Klein, P. Haines Skilled Park 20,392 View
Sat Jul 27th 5:30pm St George Illawarra 18 Canberra 22 A. Shortall, C. James WIN Stadium 12,072 View
Sun Jul 28th 2:00pm Cronulla 38 Penrith 10 S. Hayne, B. Suttor Remondis Stadium 14,120 View
Sun Jul 28th 3:00pm Newcastle 12 Sydney 28 J. Maxwell, G. Morris Hunter 22,847 View
Sun Jul 28th 2:00pm Warriors 30 Melbourne 22 B. Cummins, H. Perenara Mt Smart 20,126 View
Mon Jul 29th 7:00pm Wests Tigers 18 Manly Warringah 36 A. Devcich, L. Phillips Campbelltown 11,162 View
Round 21
Fri Aug 2nd 7:35pm Newcastle 18 Brisbane 18 B. Cummins, C. James Hunter 16,486 View
Fri Aug 2nd 7:35pm Penrith 6 Sydney 42 S. Hayne, J. Robinson Centrebet 11,879 View
Sat Aug 3rd 7:30pm North Queensland 30 South Sydney 12 A. Devcich, L. Phillips 1300SMILES 13,045 View
Sat Aug 3rd 5:30pm Parramatta 6 Manly Warringah 40 A. Klein, P. Haines Parramatta 11,232 View
Sat Aug 3rd 5:00pm Warriors 14 Cronulla 18 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds Mt Smart 15,209 View
Sun Aug 4th 2:00pm Canberra 4 Melbourne 68 J. Maxwell, G. Morris Canberra Stadium 10,826 View
Sun Aug 4th 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 36 Wests Tigers 6 G. Badger, A. Shortall Skilled Park 11,731 View
Mon Aug 5th 7:00pm St George Illawarra 20 Canterbury 39 G. Sutton, H. Perenara WIN Jubilee 12,846 View
Round 22
Fri Aug 9th 7:35pm Melbourne 26 South Sydney 8 B. Cummins, M. Cecchin AAMI Park 21,244 View
Fri Aug 9th 7:35pm Parramatta 26 Wests Tigers 22 H. Perenara, G. Atkins Parramatta 12,013 View
Sat Aug 10th 7:30pm Cronulla 14 Newcastle 18 S. Hayne, C. James Remondis Stadium 11,538 View
Sat Aug 10th 5:30pm Sydney 28 Canberra 22 G. Badger, A. Shortall Allianz 13,223 View
Sun Aug 11th 3:00pm Brisbane 26 St George Illawarra 24 J. Robinson, G. Reynolds Suncorp 31,199 View
Sun Aug 11th 2:00pm Manly Warringah 27 Warriors 12 J. Maxwell, B. Suttor Central Coast 12,090 View
Sun Aug 11th 6:30pm Penrith 4 North Queensland 36 G. Sutton, A. Gee Centrebet 6,611 View
Mon Aug 12th 7:00pm Canterbury 16 Gold Coast Titans 26 A. Devcich, L. Phillips ANZ 10,373 View
Round 23
Fri Aug 16th 7:35pm Brisbane 22 Parramatta 12 A. Devcich, G. Badger Suncorp 24,607 View
Fri Aug 16th 7:35pm South Sydney 22 Manly Warringah 10 S. Hayne, H. Perenara Central Coast 20,060 View
Sat Aug 17th 3:00pm Canberra 16 Canterbury 28 A. Klein, G. Reynolds Canberra Stadium 11,847 View
Sat Aug 17th 5:30pm North Queensland 22 Gold Coast Titans 10 M. Cecchin, A. Shortall 1300SMILES 12,003 View
Sat Aug 17th 7:30pm St George Illawarra 18 Cronulla 22 B. Cummins, L. Phillips WIN Stadium 11,853 View
Sun Aug 18th 3:00pm Newcastle 10 Melbourne 23 J. Maxwell, B. Suttor Hunter 26,822 View
Sun Aug 18th 4:00pm Warriors 24 Penrith 28 J. Robinson, C. James Mt Smart 11,596 View
Mon Aug 19th 7:00pm Wests Tigers 14 Sydney 56 G. Sutton, P. Haines Allianz 8,393 View
Round 24
Fri Aug 23rd 7:35pm Penrith 28 Brisbane 12 G. Badger, L. Phillips Centrebet 8,817 View
Fri Aug 23rd 7:35pm South Sydney 28 Canterbury 20 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds ANZ 29,571 View
Sat Aug 24th 5:30pm Gold Coast Titans 22 Warriors 24 G. Sutton, J. Maxwell Skilled Park 15,786 View
Sat Aug 24th 7:30pm North Queensland 26 Newcastle 6 S. Hayne, A. Shortall 1300SMILES 12,208 View
Sat Aug 24th 3:00pm St George Illawarra 18 Wests Tigers 34 J. Robinson, P. Haines SCG 15,016 View
Sun Aug 25th 2:00pm Canberra 22 Manly Warringah 36 B. Cummins, C. James Canberra Stadium 12,058 View
Sun Aug 25th 3:00pm Melbourne 64 Parramatta 4 A. Devcich, G. Morris AAMI Park 13,728 View
Mon Aug 26th 7:00pm Cronulla 32 Sydney 22 A. Klein, H. Perenara Remondis Stadium 11,418 View
Round 25
Fri Aug 30th 7:35pm Brisbane 18 Newcastle 26 C. James, A. Klein Suncorp 27,601 View
Fri Aug 30th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 18 South Sydney 32 H. Perenara, P. Haines Allianz 14,891 View
Sat Aug 31st 5:30pm Canterbury 34 Penrith 14 G. Sutton, G. Reynolds ANZ 15,313 View
Sat Aug 31st 7:30pm Manly Warringah 28 Melbourne 8 J. Maxwell, A. Devcich Brookvale 17,179 View
Sat Aug 31st 5:00pm Warriors 50 Canberra 16 G. Badger, A. Shortall Mt Smart 15,121 View
Sun Sep 1st 2:00pm Cronulla 18 North Queensland 31 S. Hayne, L. Phillips Remondis Stadium 15,313 View
Sun Sep 1st 3:00pm Sydney 22 Gold Coast Titans 30 M. Cecchin, D. Munro Allianz 17,542 View
Mon Sep 2nd 7:00pm Parramatta 26 St George Illawarra 22 G. Morris, B. Suttor Parramatta 8,910 View
Round 26
Thu Sep 5th 7:45pm Brisbane 16 Canterbury 11 G. Badger, A. Shortall Suncorp 26,599 View
Fri Sep 6th 7:45pm South Sydney 12 Sydney 24 M. Cecchin, A. Klein ANZ 59,708 View
Sat Sep 7th 5:30pm Melbourne 23 Gold Coast Titans 22 S. Hayne, G. Morris AAMI Park 13,826 View
Sat Sep 7th 7:30pm North Queensland 50 Wests Tigers 22 G. Sutton, G. Reynolds 1300SMILES 19,519 View
Sat Sep 7th 3:00pm St George Illawarra 19 Warriors 10 J. Maxwell, H. Perenara WIN Stadium 9,022 View
Sun Sep 8th 7:00pm Canberra 18 Cronulla 38 C. James, A. Gee Canberra Stadium 7,615 View
Sun Sep 8th 2:00pm Manly Warringah 26 Penrith 38 A. Devcich, P. Haines Brookvale 12,090 View
Sun Sep 8th 3:00pm Newcastle 54 Parramatta 6 B. Cummins, L. Phillips Hunter 23,392 View
Qualif Final
Fri Sep 13th 7:45pm South Sydney 20 Melbourne 10 S. Hayne, J. Maxwell ANZ 21,609 View
Sat Sep 14th 4:00pm Cronulla 20 North Queensland 18 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara Allianz 32,747 View
Sat Sep 14th 7:00pm Sydney 4 Manly Warringah 0 B. Cummins, G. Sutton Allianz 32,747 View
Sun Sep 15th 4:00pm Canterbury 6 Newcastle 22 A. Klein, G. Badger ANZ 23,086 View
Semi Final
Fri Sep 20th 7:45pm Manly Warringah 24 Cronulla 18 S. Hayne, A. Klein Allianz 23,837 View
Sat Sep 21st 7:45pm Melbourne 16 Newcastle 18 B. Cummins, G. Sutton AAMI Park 19,649 View
Prelim Final
Fri Sep 27th 7:45pm South Sydney 20 Manly Warringah 30 B. Cummins, G. Sutton ANZ 44,546 View
Sat Sep 28th 7:45pm Sydney 40 Newcastle 14 S. Hayne, A. Klein Allianz 37,752 View
Grand Final
Sun Oct 6th 7:15pm Sydney 26 Manly Warringah 18 S. Hayne, B. Cummins ANZ 81,491 View

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