France vs. Great Britain

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France 5 lost to Great Britain 23

Match URL
Saturday, June 15th, 1957
Kick Off
2:30 PM (local time)
Darcy Lawler
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  France Great Britain
  5 23

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 15

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jacques Merquey   Mick Sullivan (2)
        Billy Boston
        Phil Jackson
        Jeffrey Stevenson
Goals   Gilbert Benausse (1)   Lewis Jones (4)


Fullback 1. Andre Rives 1. Glyn Moses
Wing 2. Guy Husson 2. Billy Boston
Centre 3. Antoine Jiminez 3. Phil Jackson
Centre 4. Jacques Merquey (c) 4. Alan Davies
Wing 5. Maurice Voron 5. Mick Sullivan
Five-Eighth 6. Gilbert Benausse 6. Lewis Jones
Halfback 7. Rene Jean 7. Jeffrey Stevenson
Front Row 8. Rene Ferrero 8. Alan Prescott (c)
Hooker 9. Antranick Apelian 9. Tommy Harris
Front Row 10. Guy Berthomieu 10. Sid Little
Second Row 11. Armand Save 11. Jack Grundy
Second Row 12. Augustin Parent 12. Geoff Gunney
Lock 13. Jean Rouqueirol 13. Derek Turner
Coach   Jean Duhau    

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