Papua New Guinea vs Great Britain 1990 Series

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Game 1

Papua New Guinea 20 def. Great Britain 18

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Sunday, May 27th, 1990
Dennis Hale
Danny Leahy Oval (Goroka)
  Papua New Guinea Great Britain
  20 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Tuiyo Evei   Jonathan Davies
    Stanley Haru   Paul Eastwood
        Bobbie Goulding
Goals   Bal Numapo (5)   Jonathan Davies (3)
Field Goals   Stanley Haru    
    Bal Numapo    


Fullback 1. Ipisa Wanega 1. Alan Tait
Wing 2. Arnold Krewanty 2. Paul Eastwood
Centre 3. Phillip Boge 3. Daryl Powell
Centre 4. Bal Numapo 4. Jonathan Davies
Wing 5. Mea Morea 5. Carl Gibson
Five-Eighth 6. Stanley Haru 6. Garry Schofield
Halfback 7. Gigmai Ongugo 7. Bobbie Goulding
Front Row 8. Bobby Ako 8. Roy Powell
Hooker 9. Michael Matmillo 9. Lee Jackson
Front Row 10. Tuiyo Evei 10. Paul Dixon
Second Row 11. Joe Gispe 11. Denis Betts
Second Row 12. Arebo Taumaku (c) 12. Karl Fairbank
Lock 13. Michael Angara 13. Mike Gregory (c)
Bench 14. Goro Arigae 14. Shaun Irwin
Bench 15. Noah Kool 15. Keith England
Coach   Skerry Palanga   Malcolm Reilly

Match Notes

Play in this match was stopped after 14 minutes by referee Dennis Hale due to a threat of tear gas on the field. For three minutes players waited as police tried to contain some 2000 fans locked out of the venue, who had begun rioting.

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