Lions Tour 1914 Series

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Game 7

Newcastle Firsts (AU) 18 lost to England 35

Match URL
Wednesday, June 24th, 1914
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
E Rees
Newcastle Sports Ground (Newcastle)
  Newcastle Firsts (AU) England
  18 35

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 14

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off   Stan Carpenter   Dave Holland
Tries   Arthur Baber   Harold Wagstaff (2)
    J Coleman   William Davies
    W Coleman   Dave Holland
    Perc Scully   Albert Johnson
        Jack O'Garra
        Jack Robinson
        John Smales
        Fred Smith
Goals   W Coleman (1)   Alf Wood (4)
    J Maloney (1)    
    Perc Scully (1)    


Fullback 1. J Maloney (c) 1. Alf Wood
Wing 2. Perc Scully 2. Alf Francis
Centre 3. W Coleman 3. Harold Wagstaff (c)
Centre 4. Enoch Brien 4. William Davies
Wing 5. G Johns 5. Jack Robinson
Five-Eighth 6. J Coleman 6. Fred Smith
Halfback 7. F Bell 7. Jack O'Garra
Front Row 8. Fred Grahame 8. Walter Roman
Hooker 9. H Williams 9. Jim Clampitt
Front Row 10. Stan Carpenter 10. Joseph Guerin
Second Row 11. Jim Quinn 11. Dave Holland
Second Row 12. Arthur Baber 12. John Smales
Lock 13. C Perkins 13. Albert Johnson

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Contributions: Greg Fiveash


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