Cook Islands vs. Ireland

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Cook Islands 22 def. Ireland 6

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Tuesday, October 24th, 1995
Dennis Hale
Gigg Lane (Bury)
Official Man of the Match
Ali Davys
  Cook Islands Ireland
  22 6

Match Stats

Halftime Score 10 6
Penalties 7 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Craig Bowen   Phelim Comerford
    James Cuthers    
    Alex Kermonde    
    Sonny Shepherd    
Goals   Meti Noovao (3)   Phelim Comerford (1)


Fullback 1. Tiri Toa 1. Gavin Gordon
Wing 2. Sonny Shepherd 2. Phelim Comerford
Centre 3. Andrew Paita 3. Richard Smith
Centre 4. Allan Tuaru 4. Ricky Smith
Wing 5. Ngere Tariu 5. Eugene McEntaggart
Five-Eighth 6. Craig Bowen (c) 6. Craig McElhatton
Halfback 7. Ali Davys 7. Martin Crompton
Front Row 8. Bob Hunter 8. Bryan Smith
Hooker 9. James Cuthers 9. Seamus McCallion
Front Row 10. Jason Temu 10. Leo Casey
Second Row 11. Alex Kermonde 11. Gary Grainey
Second Row 12. Tama Henry 12. Tony Nuttall
Lock 13. Meti Noovao 13. Paul Owens (c)
Bench 14. Tangi Tangimeta 14. Conor O'Sullivan
Bench 15. Tungane Tini 15. Des Foy
Bench     16. Sean Casey

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