Kangaroos Tour 1978 Series

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Game 6

Wales 3 lost to Australia 8

Match URL
Sunday, October 15th, 1978
Ron Campbell
St Helen's (Swansea)
  Wales Australia
  3 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score 3 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Bob Fulton
        Tom Raudonikis
Goals   David Watkins (1)   Michael Cronin (1)
Field Goals   David Watkins    


Fullback 1. David Watkins (c) 1. Graham Eadie
Wing 2. Clive Sullivan 2. Ian Schubert
Centre 3. David Willicombe 3. Michael Cronin
Centre 4. Eddie Cunningham 4. Steve Rogers
Wing 5. John Bevan 5. Kerry Boustead
Five-Eighth 6. Bill Francis 6. Bob Fulton (c)
Halfback 7. Paul Woods 7. Tom Raudonikis
Front Row 8. Jim Mills 8. Graeme Olling
Hooker 9. Tony Fisher 9. George Peponis
Front Row 10. Mel James 10. Ian Thomson
Second Row 11. Glyn Shaw 11. Greg Pierce
Second Row 12. Trevor Skerrett 12. Rod Reddy
Lock 13. Roy Mathias 13. Ray Price
Bench     14. Craig Young
Bench     15. Alan Thompson
Coach   Kel Coslett   Frank Stanton

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