Australia vs New Zealand 1985 Series

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Game 1

Australia 26 def. New Zealand 20

Match URL
Tuesday, June 18th, 1985
Julien Rascagneres
Lang Park (Brisbane)
Official Man of the Match
Olsen Filipaina
  Australia New Zealand
  26 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 14
Scrums 6 3
Penalties 8 7

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (5min)   Greg Conescu   Howie Tamati
Sin Bin (10min)   Greg Dowling   Kevin Tamati
Tries   John Ribot de Bresac (2)   Dean Bell
    Noel Cleal   Olsen Filipaina
    Chris Close   Hugh McGahan
    Steve Roach    
Goals   Mal Meninga (2/6)   Olsen Filipaina (4/4)
    John Ribot de Bresac (1/1)    


Fullback 1. Garry Jack 1. Gary Kemble
Wing 2. John Ribot de Bresac 2. Dean Bell
Centre 3. Chris Close 3. Gary Prohm
Centre 4. Mal Meninga 4. James Leuluai
Wing 5. John Ferguson 5. Dane O'Hara
Five-Eighth 6. Wally Lewis (c) 6. Olsen Filipaina
Halfback 7. Mark Murray 7. Clayton Friend
Front Row 8. Greg Dowling 8. Kevin Tamati
Hooker 9. Greg Conescu 9. Howie Tamati
Front Row 10. Steve Roach 10. Owen Wright
Second Row 11. Noel Cleal 11. Kurt Sorensen
Second Row 12. Peter Wynn 12. Mark Graham (c)
Lock 13. Wayne Pearce 13. Hugh McGahan
Bench 15. Peter Tunks 15. Ricky Cowan
Bench     14. Mark Elia
Coach   Terry Fearnley   Graham Lowe

Match Notes

Kevin Tamati and Greg Dowling were both suspended for 8 days for fighting over the sideline after both were sent to the sin bin.

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