Championship 1980

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* denotes that some matches played at this venue have no crowd figure recorded.

Name ↓ Home Team(s) City Country Matches Average Crowd  
Basin Reserve Central Districts Wellington New Zealand 1 4,000 Match list
Belle Vue Wakefield Trinity Wakefield England 17 5,072 Match list
Boothferry Park Kingston upon Hull (Hull) England 1 15,945 Match list
Borough Park (Blackpool) Blackpool Blackpool England 5 1,705 Match list
Carlaw Park Auckland, New Zealand Auckland New Zealand 3 12,009 Match list
Central Park Great Britain, Wigan Wigan England 5 7,983 Match list
Craven Cottage Great Britain U24, London Hammersmith (London) England 3 9,998 Match list
Craven Park (Barrow) Barrow Barrow-In-Furness England 17 4,029 Match list
Craven Park (Hull, Old) Hull Kingston Rovers Kingston upon Hull (Hull) England 23 9,711 Match list
Crown Flatt (Old) Dewsbury Dewsbury England 4 2,694 Match list
Derwent Park Workington Town Workington England 17 2,249 Match list
Elland Road Great Britain Leeds England 1 8,210 Match list
Fartown Huddersfield Fartown (Huddersfield) England 3 5,642 Match list
Mount Pleasant Batley, Hunslet Mount Pleasant (Batley) England 4 1,186 Match list
Headingley Leeds Headingley (Leeds) England 23 7,520 Match list
Hilton Park Leigh Leigh England 21 4,587 Match list
Knowsley Road Pilkington Recs, St Helens Eccleston (St Helens) England 19 5,395 Match list
Lawkholme Lane Keighley Keighley (Bradford) England 2 2,723 Match list
Naughton Park Widnes Widnes England 22 5,569 Match list
McLaren Field Bramley Bramley (Leeds) England 2 2,844 Match list
Odsal Stadium Bradford Northern, Great Britain Odsal (Bradford) England 19 6,077 Match list
Addington Showgrounds New Zealand XIII, South Island Christchurch New Zealand 2 4,500 Match list
Parc des Sports RC Roanne Roanne France 1 3,500 Match list
Parc des Sports d'Avignon Provence Avignon France 1 3,200 Match list
Post Office Road Featherstone Rovers Featherstone England 18 3,493 Match list
Recreation Ground Whitehaven Whitehaven England 3 3,967 Match list
Stade Gilbert Brutus France Perpignan France 1 6,000 Match list
Stade Jean-Bernege Aquitaine Tonneins (Agen) France 1 2,000 Match list
Stade Magnagounet France Under 24s Pamiers France 1 1,300 Match list
Stade Municipal France Toulouse France 1 3,000 Match list
Stade du Moulin Languedoc L├ęzignan France 1 3,800 Match list
Station Road Swinton Swinton (Manchester) England 3 2,494 Match list
Tattersfield Doncaster Doncaster England 1 432 Match list
The Boulevard Hull FC Kingston upon Hull (Hull) England 19 11,789 Match list
The Watersheddings Oldham Oldham England 19 3,619 Match list
The Willows Salford Salford England 20 3,837 Match list
Thrum Hall Halifax Thrum Hall (Halifax) England 17 4,273 Match list
Tomoana Showgrounds New Zealand Maori Hastings New Zealand 1 5,000 Match list
Wembley Stadium (Old) Wembley (London) England 1 92,496 Match list
Wheldon Road Castleford Castleford England 21 4,708 Match list
Wigginton Road York Wigginton (York) England 1 5,154 Match list
Wilderspool Warrington Wilderspool (Warrington) England 21 4,937 Match list


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