Lal Deane

Referee Career

Vital Statistics

Sunday, 17th June, 1973

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Sid Deane
Os Deane


The brother of Norths' Test captain Sid Deane and veteran clubman Os Deane carved out his own place in history after his playing career as a major final and Test referee. Lal Deane refereed the Sydney premiership decider from 1928-32 and officiated in Test matches in three consecutive Ashes series - 1928, 1932 & 1936.

Referee Career Statistics

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Competition Games  
NRL 159 List
Country Carnival 4 List
Tour Matches 10 List
Test Series 5 List
The Ashes 5 List
NRL Finals 18 List
City vs Country Firsts 8 List
Interstate Matches 16 List
City Cup 10 List


Test Matches (1928-1936) 5 List


Australia (1927-1937) 46 List

Club Career


Season Games  
NSWRFL 1927 8 List
NSWRFL 1928 14 List
NSWRFL 1929 16 List
NSWRFL 1930 16 List
NSWRFL 1931 15 List
NSWRFL 1932 18 List
NSWRFL 1933 14 List
NSWRFL 1934 17 List
NSWRFL 1935 16 List
NSWRFL 1936 16 List
NSWRFL 1937 9 List
NRL/NSWRL (1927-1937) 159 List

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