Aub Oxford

Referee Career

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Aubrey Oxford
Saturday, 31st October, 1914
Sunday, 11th May, 2003 (Aged 88 years and 193 days)
Place Of Birth
Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia

Known Family Links

Arthur Oxford


Former Newtown and St George lower grade player became a graded referee in 1942. Oxford was the centre of one of the most controversial games in international rugby league history when he refereed the NSW v Great Britain match in 1954 because of constant fighting. Oxford had already sent Englishman Ray Price from the field when he abandoned the game. He never refereed another match.

Referee Career Statistics

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Competition   Games  
Tour Matches - 4 List
Interstate Series - 4 List
City vs Country Firsts - 1 List
Country Carnival - 3 List
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - 135 List
NSWRFL Finals - 1 List
City Cup - 1 List


Australia (1942-1954)   17 List

Club Career

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Year

Season   Games  
NSWRFL 1942   2 List
NSWRFL 1943   10 List
NSWRFL 1944   3 List
NSWRFL 1945   2 List
NSWRFL 1946   8 List
NSWRFL 1947   6 List
NSWRFL 1948   7 List
NSWRFL 1949   18 List
NSWRFL 1950   18 List
NSWRFL 1951   19 List
NSWRFL 1952   17 List
NSWRFL 1953   16 List
NSWRFL 1954   9 List
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) (1942-1954)   135 List

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  • Rod Drane

    Aub Oxford was my Uncle he was a proud indigenous man also CEO of the Berries now known as the Bulldogs

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