Simon Booth

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Career Stats & Summary

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Simon Connelly Booth
Friday, 5th October, 1956
Current Age
64 years and 16 days


Long-serving Manly centre, originally from the Lakes United club in Newcastle, played in the club's grand final success in 1978 before following coach Frank Stanton to Balmain in the early 1980s.


Career Statistics

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Club Career

Australian League Matches - By Year

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1977 11 2 -   - 6 5 6 0 45.45% Match list
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1978 22 8 -   - 24 13 7 2 59.09% Match list
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1979 16 2 -   - 6 9 7 0 56.25% Match list
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1980 21 4 -   - 12 11 8 2 52.38% Match list
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1981 20 8 -   - 24 10 8 2 50.00% Match list
Manly Warringah NSWRFL 1982 25 6 -   - 18 17 8 0 68.00% Match list
Balmain NSWRFL 1983 1 - -   - - 1 0 0 100.00% Match list
Balmain NSWRL 1984 24 5 -   - 20 12 12 0 50.00% Match list
Overall 1977-1984 140 35 0   0 110 78 56 6 55.71% Match list

Australian League Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Manly Warringah 1977-82 115 30 -   - 90 65 44 6 56.52% Match list
Balmain 1983-84 25 5 -   - 20 13 12 0 52.00% Match list
Overall 1977-1984 140 35 0   0 110 78 56 6 55.71% Match list

Australian Finals Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Manly Warringah 1977-78, 1981-82 10 4 -   - 12 5 3 2 50.00% Match list
Overall 1977-1982 10 4 0   0 12 5 3 2 50.00% Match list

Your Say

Steve says: Simon Booth played 109 games for Manly between 1977-82 scoring 30 tries adding up to 90 points. (01/12/2009)

Geoff Brown says: Boothy was a great mate during high school, we played for lakes United and Pius X college. Good guy and old friend. Good luck, hope your going ok. (05/03/2011)

Anonymous says: Was a teacher at St Therese's Mascot, I remember him well xx (01/04/2012)

Choc Small says: played at same newy club as Si always agreat mate had the best side step I have ever seen always aproud moment for me to tackle you in Frannys backyard keep well Si (01/04/2012)

Pete Houlihan says: hi mate, hope your'e doin' good,last saw you in coffs about '88 i think,briefly. That bloke was right about that sidestep, must of been two yards. Pete (11/08/2012)

John from Belmont says: Gidday mate, I use to play juniors for Lakes United in the early 70's & have some great memories as a young bloke watching some great games at Cahill Oval with my mates especially against "The Maggots" where it would be a full house supporting the local team.I was at the 1974/75 grand final at the #1 Sports ground at the age of 12 & 13 and remember the Macquarie Timber Truck on the field,people on the back singing the Lakes song & pulling up right in front of the West's supporters singing our song giving it to them.(Have photos of this & other photos of them great days when then as kids you could run on the field at the end of the game)."The Grand Finals". I remember yourself playing outside Ronnie Burgess that day & getting into the clear a few times & yelling out " GO BOOTHIE " & having a great combination with him.Other players I remember John Fischer,Glen Golden,Thommo,Huggins, Greg Thomson(I think)Gardiner,Tommy Shepherd,Mick Pittman,Johnny Brock,Tony Shiels (old Tony wasn't to bad at the field goals either ). What a great pack of forwards & a great set of backs !! The good ole days.( I still have B&W portrait photos of some of you guys that I purchased for I think 20c each at the ground that glorious day.( They didn't think much of your retirement in them days selling the photos for 2 bob each!!!! Ha Ha !!!I hope you read this & remember them wonderful days as a young 18-19 year old as I do as a then 14-15 year old.All the best mate.Up Lakes !!!! P.S. Still remember the words for the team song word for word after nearly 40 years !!!.because thats our ""Battlecry". I hope others add to these comments who have played or wore the Blue & Gold (17/02/2013)

Kev says: Hope all is well mate I lived down the road from you atWindale also played At Lakes United (18/09/2013)

manuel xuereb says: New Simon in the seventies . Great sport . Very focused and highly motivated . Good luck Simon (06/01/2014)


Steve eade says: Hi Simon I remember you when I was a young boy to where nearly the same age as I am with your brother Chris I played for Windale and I use to go up your place at Gateshead and your dad used to take us Chris, you ,and myself to see lakes play so I hope you receive this email and love to hear back from you mate. (25/01/2020)

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