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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
Feb 3rd A N Philippines L 12-30 Hungary A Marcus R Phillips, P Sheedy Betty Diamond 400 #10 Front row   View
Oct 1st Emerging Nations World Cup 2018 Game 1 A N Philippines L 10-36 Malta A Marcus P Sheedy Windsor Sports 750 #17 Bench   View
Oct 7th Emerging Nations World Cup 2018 Game 8 H N Philippines L 12-24 Niue A Marcus P Sheedy Kellyville Res. 350 #17 Bench   View
Oct 10th Emerging Nations World Cup 2018 Semi Final H N Philippines W 29-16 Türkiye A Marcus P Sheedy New Era Stadium 450 #8 Front row   View
Oct 13th Emerging Nations World Cup 2018 Final H N Philippines L 10-14 Poland A Marcus P Sheedy St Marys 500 #17 Bench   View
Jun 13th H N Philippines W 40-8 Brazil   P Sheedy Kensington Oval   #12 Second row   View
Apr 18th NSW Cup 2022 Round 6 H Parramatta (R) W 40-10 Wests (R) R Carr J Rankin CommBank   #19 Bench   View
Apr 24th NSW Cup 2022 Round 7 A Parramatta (R) W 26-8 Newcastle (R) R Carr J Rankin McDonald Jones   #17 Bench   View
May 1st NSW Cup 2022 Round 8 H Parramatta (R) L 4-28 Canberra (R) R Carr J Rankin Kellyville Park   #17 Second row   View
May 6th NSW Cup 2022 Round 9 A Parramatta (R) L 8-25 Penrith (R) R Carr J Rankin BlueBet Stadium   #17 Bench   View
May 20th NSW Cup 2022 Round 11 H Parramatta (R) W 26-6 Blacktown (Workers) R Carr J Rankin CommBank   #18 Bench   View
Oct 9th Internationals 2022 Game 14 H N Philippines W 34-16 Thailand   P Sheedy Davies Park   #10 Front row   View
Oct 23rd Internationals 2022 Game 15 H N Philippines W 32-22 Malta     New Era Stadium   #10 Front row   View
Mar 25th QLD Cup 2023 Round 3 H Tweed W 32-26 Norths D Penna   Piggabeen   #14 Bench   View
May 6th QLD Cup 2023 Round 8 H Tweed W 50-18 Western D Penna L Liolevave Piggabeen   #17 Bench   View
May 13th QLD Cup 2023 Round 9 A Tweed L 14-20 Souths Logan D Penna L Liolevave Logan Metro   #17 Bench   View
May 20th QLD Cup 2023 Round 10 A Tweed W 54-14 Ipswich D Penna L McGrady Nth Ipswich Res.   #17 Bench   View
Jun 3rd QLD Cup 2023 Round 12 A Tweed L 18-34 PNG D Penna L Liolevave Santos   #16 Bench   View
Jul 15th QLD Cup 2023 Round 18 A N Tweed W 38-12 Brisbane D Penna L McGrady [unknown]   #17 Bench   View
Jul 22nd Internationals 2023 Game 1 A N Philippines L 14-72 South Africa     Betty Diamond   #10 Front row   View

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