John McLeod

Career Stats & Summary

Vital Statistics

Thursday, 27th June, 1957
Current Age
65 years and 276 days
Place Of Birth
Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Career Statistics

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Competition   App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Interstate Matches 1 - -   - - 0 1 0 0.00% List
National Panasonic Cup 1 - -   - - 0 1 0 0.00% List
NRL 71 7 -   - 22 29 42 0 40.85% List
NRL Finals 3 1 -   - 3 1 2 0 33.33% List


Australia - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Brisbane Firsts 1979 1 - -   - - 0 1 0 0.00% List
QLD Firsts 1979 1 - -   - - 0 1 0 0.00% List
Overall 1979 2 0 0   0 - 0 2 0 0.00% List

Club Career


Team Season App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Western Suburbs NSWRFL 1980 14 3 -   - 9 8 6 0 57.14% List
Western Suburbs NSWRFL 1981 7 1 -   - 3 2 5 0 28.57% List
Canberra NSWRFL 1982 11 2 -   - 6 2 9 0 18.18% List
Canberra NSWRFL 1983 24 1 -   - 4 8 16 0 33.33% List
Canberra NSWRL 1984 15 - -   - - 9 6 0 60.00% List
Overall 1980-1984 71 7 0   0 22 29 42 0 40.85% List


Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Western Suburbs 1980-81 21 4 -   - 12 10 11 0 47.62% List
Canberra 1982-84 50 3 -   - 10 19 31 0 38.00% List
Overall 1980-1984 71 7 0   0 22 29 42 0 40.85% List

Your Say

John McDonald says: Very tough forward,I used to watch john play for the raiders.The Raiders had an away game back in 83 or 84,in Sydney,and my father and his mate went to watch,they missed the bus back to canberra,after the game,and they came across the players bus,Dad told the bus driver of their predicament,and they heard a voice from within the bus telling to get on fellas there is plenty of room,it was John.Dad found out later John had sustained broken ribs in that match,but still cared about other people.What a top bloke. (04/07/2011)

Anonymous says: John has had some horrific luck in recent years with double leg amputations. True the extaordinary determination and toughness of this guy, he is now attempting to secure a place in Australia amputee olympics team. A wonderful and still courageours man. I can only admire John and his never say die, competitive spirit. (25/08/2011)

Jessie lucas says: Johny McLeod is a very special man to me he is a very kind person he done a lot for me as player and a person he taught an showed me what rugby league is all about he believed in me when no one else did he is my best friend I hope I grow up to be half the man he is tough,kind friendly and most of all respected .I'm 29 now an will be playing my last years an they will be deicated to my idol an best friend Johny McLeod I love u my friend (26/03/2012)

Michael Smith says: I weight train with John in Townsville. John is one of the most inspiring people I have had the pleasure to know. I never knew John as a League player, but he tells me he was a hard and tough opponent, after training with him I'd believe it. (26/07/2012)

Terry says: I just met john mcloud on the strand in Townsville and what a great bloke with such a strong spirit. Good on you mate what a great inspiration you are! (10/06/2015)

Jeromie says: I meet John yesterday at Tweed City shopping centre what a nice fellow I hope to catch up with him agin he had told me about his run of medical bad luck and for someone to be so humble was just a breath of fresh air What A Man! (03/02/2016)

AB says: I always remember attending the final at the SCG against Wests & St George in 1980. McLeod had a blinder. (29/04/2016)

Geoff Strum says: Good memories of McLeod when he played for the Magpies.
Typical old fashioned, tough second rower (13/11/2016)

Ian B Fri says: I had the pleasure of playing lawn bowls with the GC greenkeepers recently. This was a great experience, moreso in meeting and playing with and against John MacLeod . A truly remarkable gent, he plays his bowls from his wheelchair, is a terrific and enthusiastic teammate and competitor. I only found out on the day who this bloke was and it brought back childhood memories of the mighty Magpies and the early years of the Canberra Raiders. I dip me lid to you sir. (17/11/2018)

Doug cragg. says: John mccloed is the real deal. A very hard man on the footy field and a very normal humble man off of it. I picked him up from the brissy airport and drove him to nanango for a sportsman dinner in 84. He was the special guest. He was a very popular choice, and was well received by the crowd. I played second row with his older brother for a couple of years. A tough, hard man. But not in johns class. An inspiration to all that know him. (14/05/2021)

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