France vs. Papua New Guinea

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France 21 def. Papua New Guinea 4

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Sunday, November 15th, 1987
John Holdsworth
Stade d'Albert Domec (Carcassonne)
  France Papua New Guinea
  21 4

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   David Fraisse (2)   Dairi Kovae
    Cyril Pons    
    Hugues Ratier    
Goals   Frederic Bourrel (2)    
Field Goals   Frederic Bourrel    


Fullback 1. Jean-Philippe Pougeau 1. Dairi Kovae
Wing 2. Hugues Ratier 2. Arnold Krewanty
Centre 3. Guy Delaunay 3. Kepi Saea
Centre 4. David Fraisse 4. Lauta Atoi
Wing 5. Cyril Pons 5. Mea Morea
Five-Eighth 6. Jacques Moliner 6. Bal Numapo (c)
Halfback 7. Frederic Bourrel 7. Tony Kila
Front Row 8. Jean-Luc Rabot 8. Ati Lomutopa
Hooker 9. Mathieu Khedimi 9. Roy Heni
Front Row 10. Pierre Ailleres 10. Arebo Taumaku
Second Row 11. Pierre Montgaillard 11. Bernard Waketsi
Second Row 12. Daniel Divet 12. Bobby Ako
Lock 13. Guy Laforgue 13. Gideon Kouoru
Bench 14. Gilles Dumas 14. Darius Haili
Bench 15. Daniel Verdes 15. Mathias Kambra
Coach   Tas Baitieri   Barry Wilson

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