Australia vs. Great Britain

Australia 10 drew with Great Britain 10

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Saturday, November 11th, 1972
Georges Jameau
Stade de Gerland (Lyon)
Official Man of the Match
Robert Fulton
  Australia Great Britain
  10 10

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Arthur Beetson   Mike Stephenson
    John O'Neill   Clive Sullivan
Goals   Ray Branighan (2)   Terry Clawson (2/6)


Fullback 1. Graeme Langlands (c) 1. Paul Charlton
Wing 2. Ray Branighan 2. Clive Sullivan (c)
Centre 3. Geoff Starling 3. Chris Hesketh
Centre 4. Mark Harris 4. John Walsh
Wing 5. John Grant 5. John Atkinson
Five-Eighth 6. Bob Fulton 6. John Holmes
Halfback 7. Dennis Ward 7. Steve Nash
Front Row 8. John O'Neill 8. Terry Clawson
Hooker 9. Elwyn Walters 9. Mike Stephenson
Front Row 10. Bob O'Reilly 10. David Jeanes
Second Row 11. Arthur Beetson 11. Phil Lowe
Second Row 12. Gary Stevens 12. Brian Lockwood
Lock 13. Gary Sullivan 13. George Nicholls
Bench     15. Bob Irving
Coach   Harry Bath   Jim Challinor

Match Notes

The score was 10-all at full time. An extra 10 minutes each way was played with no change to the score. Great Britain was awarded the Cup due to it's better preliminary record.

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