Kangaroos Tour 1952 Series

Game 35

France XIII 7 lost to Australia 39

Kangaroos Tour 1952/53

France XIII
Match Info
Match URL www.rugbyleagueproject.org/matches/23138
Status Completed
Date Thursday, 15th January, 1953
Venue Nimes (Nimes)
Crowd 3,518
Match Stats
Halftime Score 7 18
France XIII Scoresheet Australia
    T 4 Brian CARLSON
      2 Jack ROONEY
      Greg HAWICK
      Des McGOVERN
      Harry WELLS
    G 6 Ron WILLEY
France XIII Teams Australia
    FB 1 Ron WILLEY
    W 2 Brian CARLSON
    C 3 Greg HAWICK
    C 4 Harry WELLS
    W 5 Des McGOVERN
    FE 6 Rees DUNCAN
    HB 7 Col DONOHOE
    FR 8 Jack ROONEY
    HK 9 Kevin SCHUBERT
    FR 10 Charlie GILL
    2R 11 Brian DAVIES
    2R 12 Tom TYRRELL
    L 13 Harold CROCKER

Team Info

France XIII

Previous Game:
Kangaroos Tour 1952/53 - Game 28 vs. Australia
Next Game:
American Tour of France 1953/54 - Game 3 vs. USA


Previous Game:
1952/53 France vs. Australia - Game 2 vs. France
Next Game:
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Clive Churchill (fullback), Noel Hazzard (centre), Tommy Ryan (wing), Frank Stanmore (five-eighth), Keith Holman (halfback), Roy Bull (front row), Ken Kearney (hooker), Duncan Hall (front row), Ferris Ashton (second row)
Ron Willey (fullback), Des McGovern (wing), Rees Duncan (five-eighth), Col Donohoe (halfback), Jack Rooney (front row), Kevin Schubert (hooker), Charlie Gill (front row), Tom Tyrrell (second row), Harold Crocker (lock)
Greg Hawick (lock to centre)

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Contributions: Bill Bates, Andrew Ferguson