France vs New Zealand 1989 Series

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Game 1

France 14 lost to New Zealand 16

Match URL
Sunday, November 19th, 1989
Robin Whitfield
Stade d'Albert Domec (Carcassonne)
  France New Zealand
  14 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 16

Match Scoresheet

Tries   David Fraisse   Gary Freeman
    Cyril Pons   Kevin Iro
        Kelly Shelford
Goals   Gilles Dumas (3)   Kelly Shelford (2)


Fullback 1. Jean-Philippe Pougeau 1. Tony Kemp
Wing 2. Hugues Ratier (c) 2. Kevin Iro
Centre 3. Philippe Fourquet 3. Dean Bell
Centre 4. David Fraisse 4. Darrell Williams
Wing 5. Cyril Pons 5. Gary Mercer
Five-Eighth 6. Gilles Dumas 6. Kelly Shelford
Halfback 7. Patrick Entat 7. Gary Freeman
Front Row 8. Jean-Luc Rabot 8. Brent Todd
Hooker 9. Mathieu Khedimi 9. Duane Mann
Front Row 10. Thiery Buttignol 10. Esene Faimalo
Second Row 11. Daniel Divet 11. Kurt Sorensen
Second Row 12. Didier Cabestany 12. Sam Stewart
Lock 13. Thierry Bernabe 13. Hugh McGahan (c)
Bench 14. Jean-Bernard Saumitou 14. Mike Kuiti
Bench 15. Pierre Chamorin 15. Francis Leota
Coach       Tony Gordon

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