Australia vs New Zealand 1908 Series

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Game 3

Australia 14 def. New Zealand 9

Match URL
Saturday, June 6th, 1908
Tom Costello
Royal Agricultural Society Showground (Sydney)
  Australia New Zealand
  14 9

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Tommy Anderson   Richard Wynyard
    Robert Graves    
    Lou Jones    
    Dally Messenger    
Goals   Dally Messenger (1)   Edgar Wrigley (3)


Fullback 1. Charlie Hedley 1. Edward Tyne
Wing 2. Jim Devereux 2. Harold Rowe
Centre 3. Dally Messenger 3. John Barber
Centre 4. Frank Cheadle 4. William Wynyard
Wing 5. Tommy Anderson 5. William Tyler
Five-Eighth 6. Albert Rosenfeld 6. Edgar Wrigley
Halfback 7. Arthur Halloway 7. Richard Wynyard
Front Row 8. Bill Hardcastle 8. Dan Gilchrist
Hooker 9. Sandy Pearce 9. Thomas Cross
Front Row 10. Billy Cann 10. William Trevarthen
Second Row 11. Lou Jones 11. Charlie Pearce (c)
Second Row 12. Robert Graves 12. William Johnston
Lock 13. Denis Lutge (c) 13. Adam Lile

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