Interstate Series 1950

New South Wales Firsts


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Game 1
1950 May 20th NSW Firsts 45 - QLD Firsts 12 J. Hoffman SCG 47,049 View
T: N. Pidding (3)
J. Troy (3)
N. Mulligan (2)
P. Pritchard (2)
C. Churchill
G: N. Pidding (4)
C. Churchill (2)
T: N. Andrews
A. Thompson
G: N. Linde (3)
Game 2
1950 May 24th NSW Firsts 9 - QLD Firsts 9 T. McMahon Jnr SCG 6,011 View
T: J. Troy
G: N. Pidding (3)
T: R. Stanton
G: N. Linde (3)
Game 3
1950 Jun 24th QLD Firsts 5 - NSW Firsts 25 T. McMahon Jnr The Gabba   View
T: B. Davies
G: N. Linde
Off: D. Hall
T: L. Cowie
F. De Belin
D. Donoghue
J. Graves
J. Holland
G: J. Graves (4)
C. Churchill

3 games
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