Great Britain vs New Zealand 1998

New Zealand


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Game 1
1998 Oct 31st Great Britain 16 - New Zealand 22 B. Harrigan Alfred McAlpine 18,500 View
T: P. Newlove
J. Robinson
K. Senior
G: A. Farrell (2)
T: R. Hunter-Paul
S. Jones
S. Kearney
J. Vagana
G: D. Halligan (3)
Game 2
1998 Nov 7th Great Britain 16 - New Zealand 36 B. Harrigan Reebok 27,486 View
T: I. Harris
J. Robinson
G: A. Farrell (4)
T: R. Barnett (2)
S. Hoppe
H. Paul
T. Puletua
R. Wiki
G: D. Halligan (6)
Game 3
1998 Nov 14th Great Britain 23 - New Zealand 23 B. Harrigan Vicarage Road 13,217 View
T: S. Long
J. Robinson
A. Smith
G: A. Farrell (5)
FG: A. Smith
T: R. Hunter-Paul (2)
H. Paul
G: D. Halligan (5)
FG: S. Jones

3 games
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