Great Britain vs New Zealand 1985

New Zealand


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Game 1
1985 Oct 19th Great Britain 22 - New Zealand 24 B. Gomersall Headingley 12,591 View
T: A. Goodway
E. Hanley
J. Lydon
G: M. Burke (3)
J. Lydon (2)
T: D. Bell
M. Graham
A. Leuluai
D. O'Hara
K. Sorensen
G: O. Filipaina (2)
Game 2
1985 Nov 2nd Great Britain 25 - New Zealand 8 B. Gomersall Central Park 15,506 View
T: G. Schofield (4)
G: J. Lydon (4)
FG: H. Pinner
T: D. Bell
G: O. Filipaina (2)
Game 3
1985 Nov 9th Great Britain 6 - New Zealand 6 B. Gomersall Elland Road 22,209 View
G: L. Crooks (3)
T: M. Graham
G: D. Sorensen

3 games
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