Challenge Cup 2000

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Bradford Bulls
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Mar 10th Leeds 42 Dewsbury 10 S. Cummings Headingley 10,533 View
T: J. Blackmore (2)
I. Harris (2)
D. Barnhill
J. Mathiou
A. Morley
R. Sheridan
G: I. Harris (4)
F. Cummins
T: D. Potter
G. Wood
G: B. Eaton
Mar 11th Hull FC 14 Wigan 4 R. Smith Boulevard 7,378 View
T: W. McDonald
D. Maiden
G: B. Sammut (3)
G: A. Farrell (2)
Mar 12th Halifax 18 Bradford 28 R. Connolly New Shay 9,827 View
T: G. Mercer
M. Pearson
P. Rowley
G: M. Pearson (3)
T: S. Fielden
M. Forshaw
R. Hunter-Paul
M. Withers
G: H. Paul (6)
Mar 12th Salford 20 Warrington 22 S. Ganson The Willows 6,700 View
T: D. Brown
M. Offiah
J. Smith
K. Tassell
G: S. Svabic (2)
T: L. Briers (2)
A. Hunte
L. Penny
G: L. Briers (3)
Mar 25th Bradford 44 Warrington 20 R. Smith Headingley 11,894 View
T: J. Brooker
R. Hunter-Paul
S. Naylor
H. Paul
J. Peacock
S. Spruce
M. Withers
G: H. Paul (8)
T: S. McCurrie (2)
I. Knott
G: L. Briers (4)
Mar 26th Hull FC 22 Leeds 28 S. Cummings Alfred McAlpine 18,068 View
T: M. Daylight (3)
W. McDonald
G: B. Sammut (3)
T: J. Blackmore
F. Cummins
A. Farrell
R. Sheridan
G: I. Harris (6)
Apr 29th Bradford 24 Leeds 18 S. Presley Murrayfield 67,247 View
T: M. Withers (2)
S. Fielden
N. McAvoy
G: H. Paul (4)
T: A. Hay
M. St Hilaire
G: I. Harris (5)