Terry Matterson

Coaching Career

Vital Statistics

Saturday, 4th March, 1967
Current Age
56 years and 279 days
Place Of Birth
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Known Family Links

Paul Matterson
Ryan Matterson


Related to the famous Matterson family that played with Wests, Terry Matterson started his career in the Magpies' lower grades in 1984 before joining the Roosters. Coming to the Broncos in 1988, he started with a club record 24-point haul against Manly. Regarded at first as merely a goal-kicker or utility forward, Matterson's consistency in open-play saw him secure the first grade lock position at Brisbane. In 1989 he was a reserve forward for NSW in the third State of Origin match. Matterson kicked four goals in Brisbane's 1992 grand final win over St George and was judged to be the man-of-the-match in the club's historic victory in the World Club Championship against Wigan. In 1993 he overcame a painful shoulder dislocation injury to take his place in Brisbane's second successive grand final success but injuries shorted his career in Australia. Matterson, who held the record for most career points with the club (since bettered by Michael De Vere and Darren Lockyer), joined the London Broncos in 1995.

Coaching Career Statistics

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Competition   Games W L D Win %  
Super League 137 53 80 4 38.69% List
Challenge Cup 12 6 6 0 50.00% List
World Cup 4 2 2 0 50.00% List
NRL 2 0 2 0 0.00% List


Test Matches - By Team

Team Years Games W L D Win %  
USA 2013 4 2 2 0 50.00% List

World Cup Matches - By Team

Team Years Games W L D Win %  
USA 2013 4 2 2 0 50.00% List

Club Career


Team Season Games W L D Win %  
Gold Coast NRL 2017 2 0 2 0 0.00% List


Team Years Games W L D Win %  
Gold Coast 2017 2 0 2 0 0.00% List

English Career - By Year

Team Season Games W L D Win %  
Castleford 2006 29 9 19 1 31.03% List
Castleford 2007 2 1 1 0 50.00% List
Castleford 2008 28 7 20 1 25.00% List
Castleford 2009 31 16 15 0 51.61% List
Castleford 2010 28 11 17 0 39.29% List
Castleford 2011 31 15 14 2 48.39% List

English Career - By Team

Team Years Games W L D Win %  
Castleford 2006-11 149 59 86 4 39.60% List

Your Say

  • Kev

    Calm and cool goal kicker. A five eight styled lock. A great player

  • Dean

    He had a blinder playing for London against the raiders in the world club challenge in 1997.

  • stan

    Terry was one of the brainest players the broncoes have ever had.. Some players play the game in front of them -- some can see several moves ahead.. Terry was like that.. Similar in some respects to Wally..

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