Sam Burgess

Coaching Career

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Samuel Burgess
Wednesday, 14th December, 1988
Current Age
35 years and 160 days
Place Of Birth
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England

Awards & Accolades

Peter Frilingos Memorial - Headline Moment of the Year
RLIF Prop Of The Year
Clive Churchill Medal
Dally M Lock Of The Year
RLIF Player Of The Year

Known Family Links

Thomas Burgess
Luke Burgess
George Burgess

Coaching Career Statistics

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Competition   Games W L D Win %  
Super League 11 8 3 0 72.73% List
Challenge Cup 2 2 0 0 100.00% List

Club Career

English Career - By Year

Team Season Games W L D Win %  
Warrington 2024 - 10 3 0 - List

English Career - By Team

Team Years Games W L D Win %  
Warrington 2024 13 10 3 0 76.92% List

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  • Anonymous

    Good tough player people are saying he’s the best pommy to come to Australia I think he’d be in the top ten to many mistakes at critical times

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