Frank Farrell

Coaching Career

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Francis Michael Farrell
Saturday, 16th September, 1916
Tuesday, 23rd April, 1985 (Aged 68 years and 219 days)
Place Of Birth
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Honours & Awards

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Interstate Series
1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL)
City Cup

Known Family Links

Jack Elsegood


Tough prop during the war years, 'Bumper' Farrell was a stoic clubman for the Blue Bags. While he represented NSW in 13 matches between 1939-50, he had to wait until after the war to represent Australia in three Tests against Great Britain in 1946. Farrell captained Newtown to a grand final victory in 1943 (and a controversial defeat by Balmain the following year) and was implicated in a celebrated biting incident involving St George's Bill McRitchie in 1945. (Farrell was exonerated after stating that he had left his teeth in jar in the dressing room!) Captain-coach of Newtown from 1946-51, his final Test appearance was against NZ in 1948. When the popular policeman retired in 1951, he had become the first to play over 250 grade games for a Sydney club and remains the only Newtown player to top the 200 first grade mark.

Coaching Career Statistics

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Competition     Games W L D Win %  
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) 1 123 70 48 5 56.91% List
NSWRFL Finals - 5 0 5 0 0.00% List

Club Career

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Year

Team Season   Games W L D Win %  
Newtown NSWRFL 1945   15 10 4 1 66.67% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1946   15 10 5 0 66.67% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1947   19 11 7 1 57.89% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1948   19 13 6 0 68.42% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1949   18 9 8 1 50.00% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1950   19 11 6 2 57.89% List
Newtown NSWRFL 1951   18 6 12 0 33.33% List

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Team

Team Years   Games W L D Win %  
Newtown 1945-51   123 70 48 5 56.91% List

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