Bob Sullivan

Coaching Career

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Robert William Sullivan
Monday, 2nd March, 2009

Known Family Links

Sid Deane
Con Sullivan
John Sullivan


Bob Sullivan's family tree designated that he was destined to play for Norths and Australia. Both his father, Con Sullivan, and uncle, Sid Deane, played Tests for Australia, and Bob Sullivan followed in their footsteps in 1954. The Norths pivot was called into the Australian side for the Second Test against Great Britain in 1954 but this was to be his only Test appearance. Sullivan led Norths during the mid-1950s and after a seasons with Temora in 1956, he retired after captain-coaching Norths reserve grade to the premiership in 1959. He was later a long-serving president with the Bears before the advent of the short-lived 'David Hill’ era.

Coaching Career Statistics

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Competition   Games W L D Win %  
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) 36 13 21 2 36.11% List
Preseason Cup 4 1 2 1 25.00% List

Club Career

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Year

Team Season Games W L D Win %  
North Sydney NSWRFL 1961 18 9 9 0 50.00% List
North Sydney NSWRFL 1962 18 4 12 2 22.22% List

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Team

Team Years Games W L D Win %  
North Sydney 1961-62 36 13 21 2 36.11% List

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