Super League III 1998

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Round 7

Wigan Warriors 46 def. Huddersfield 0

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Friday, May 22nd, 1998
Karl Kirkpatrick
Central Park (Wigan)
  Wigan Warriors Huddersfield
  46 0

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Darryl Cardiss    
    Neil Cowie    
    Andy Farrell    
    Lee Gilmour    
    Henry Paul    
    Kris Radlinski    
    Jason Robinson    
    Tony Smith    
Goals   Andy Farrell (4)    
    Gary Connolly (2)    
    Henry Paul (1)    


Fullback 1. Kris Radlinski 1. Paul Cook
Wing 5. Mark Bell 3. Dean Hanger
Centre 4. Gary Connolly 6. Craig Weston
Centre 3. Danny Moore 24. Paul Loughlin
Wing 2. Jason Robinson 2. Danny Arnold
Five-Eighth 6. Henry Paul 7. Chris Orr
Halfback 7. Tony Smith 18. Steve Booth
Front Row 8. Neil Cowie 8. Neil Harmon
Hooker 9. Robbie McCormack 26. Guy Adams
Front Row 10. Tony Mestrov 28. Jamie Field
Second Row 11. Denis Betts 11. Tony Bowes
Second Row 14. Mick Cassidy 17. Joe Berry
Lock 13. Andy Farrell 13. Matt Sturm
Bench 23. Darryl Cardiss 14. Ben Barton
Bench 20. Lee Gilmour 25. Phil Veivers
Bench 17. Stephen Holgate 20. Basil Richards
Bench 12. Simon Haughton 15. Jeff Wittenberg
Coach   John Monie   Garry Schofield

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