Geoff Starling

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Career Stats & Summary

Vital Statistics

Sunday, 14th December, 1952
Current Age
66 years and 127 days


When chosen to tour NZ in 1971, Balmain centre Geoff Starling became the youngest player to represent Australia (at 18 years 178 days). Starling played in two minor games on the tour before making his Test debut the following year against the Kiwis. In 1972 Starling went to France for the World Cup and was a 1973 Kangaroo tourist. The red-haired centre played in all five Tests on the tour and his fine career seemed set to continue until 1974 when he inexplicably lost weight and not surprisingly lost all form. He spent time in hospital in 1975 but after a short-lived comeback in 1976, he was forced to retire. It was not until much later that his illness was properly diagnosed. Starling was found to be suffering from Addison's disease - a failure of the adrenal gland to produce cortisone. After ten years, Starling won his private battle with the disease but not without immense personal and professional sacrifice.


Career Statistics

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Test Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Australia 1972-73 11 5 -   - 15 8 2 1 72.73% Match list
Overall 1972-1973 11 5 0   0 15 8 2 1 72.73% Match list

World Cup Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Australia 1972 4 - -   - - 2 1 1 50.00% Match list
Overall 1972 4 0 0   0 2 1 1 50.00% Match list


Australia - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
NSW Firsts 1971-72 3 1 -   - 3 3 0 0 100.00% Match list
NSW City Firsts 1972 1 - -   - - 1 0 0 100.00% Match list
Overall 1971-1972 4 1 0   0 3 4 0 0 100.00% Match list

Club Career

Australian League Matches - By Year

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Balmain NSWRFL 1971 ? 9 5   - 37  
Balmain NSWRFL 1972 ? 6 -   - 18  
Balmain NSWRFL 1973 ? 7 -   - 21  
Overall 1971-1973 ? 22 5   0 76 ? ? ? ?  

Australian League Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Balmain 1971-73 ? 22 5   - 76 ? ? ? ?  
Overall 1971-1973 ? 22 5   0 76 ? ? ? ?  

Your Say

Donna Callaway says: there are not enough words to describe how good he was,champion player,champion human being! (08/06/2011)

bob scanlon says: my absolute favorite league player of all time. Anyone know howto contact him? Anyone have any photos? (08/11/2011)

Dave says: I remember him as a great player, I have been informed that he still lives in the Balmain area. (14/02/2012)

Anonymous says: what a player he would of been he score the most trys on tour to england its a shame he had those illness or we be looking at a legend (04/04/2012)

Anonymous says: i actually have a balmain jersey signed by geoff (15/07/2012)

Allan Keates says: I am a Saints fan of old, but I remember Geoff Starling very well. It is only my opinion, but he was destined to be one of the greats of the game. What a sad way to end his career. (21/09/2013)

Roy says: I worked at an rsl club in the early 80,s which is not there any more and he would drop in for a beer sometimes --His dad also named Goeff Starling senior was there every day having a beer a very nice person . Young Geoff come in one day and I gave him a beer I knew who he was straight away and it was great to talk to him -when he went to play with Bob Fulton they were first choice centres on tour -- mick Cronin and Steve Rodgers were the back up centres - I remember him scoring a try on the old Leichhardt oval it was round with the white picket fences against st George dragons (13/04/2016)

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