Interstate Series 1929

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New South Wales Firsts


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Game 1
1929 Jun 1st NSW Firsts 21 - QLD Firsts 8 L. Deane RAS Showground 27,757 View
T: H. Kadwell
E. Root
W. Shankland
G: H. Kadwell (5)
J. Craig
T: L. Armbruster
C. Laws
G: J. Upton
Game 2
1929 Jun 3rd NSW Firsts 17 - QLD Firsts 8 L. Deane RAS Showground 29,008 View
T: H. Maher (2)
A. Ridley (2)
G. Hughes
G: A. Ridley
T: J. Bennett
W. Spencer
G: J. Upton
Game 3
1929 Jun 8th NSW Firsts 12 - QLD Firsts 10 L. Deane RAS Showground 28,134 View
T: H. Kadwell
A. Ridley
G: J. Craig (2)
E. Weissel
T: J. Upton (2)
G: J. Upton (2)
Game 4
1929 Jun 22nd QLD Firsts 14 - NSW Firsts 16 C. Broadfoot Brisbane Exhibit 14,087 View
T: W. Spencer (2)
G: J. Upton (4)
T: H. Finch
C. Kingston
W. Prigg
W. Shankland
G: E. Weissel (2)
Game 5
1929 Jun 29th QLD Firsts 8 - NSW Firsts 11 C. Broadfoot Brisbane Exhibit 9,000 View
T: A. Edwards
C. Laws
G: A. Edwards
T: J. Holmes
A. Ridley
W. Shankland
G: C. Fifield

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