Hunslet Club Parkside

Most Tries
1 - Craig McShane, Connor Squires, Kieron Murphy, Omar Alrawi, Jamie Bradley, Jamie Field, Will Cohen, Kieran Webster
Most Points
8 - Jamie Field
Previous Name(s)
Hunslet Old Boys
Home Venues
Hillidge Road (2012-2013, 2016, 2018-2019, 2022)
Hunslet Green (2012)
Millennium Stadium (2012)
South Leeds Stadium (2018, 2022)
This club was originally the Hunslet Old Boys in 1999, which was formed from the Hunslet Boys Club (a junior rugby union club which was originally started in the 1940's) when the under 18's players became too old for the youth competition. It merged in 2012 with Hunslet Parkside, a junior rugby league club that had formed in 1973.

The merged club successfully joined the National Conference League in 2015 and renamed to Hunslet Club Parkside.