Dewsbury Rams

Most Tries
29 - Andy Gabriel
Most Points
371 - Paul Sykes
Previous Name(s)
Home Venues
Crown Flatt (Old) (1899-1908, 1910-1913, 1919-1923, 1925-1933, 1936-1937, 1939-1955, 1957-1975, 1977-1991)
Fartown (1927, 1929)
Station Road (1967)
Fox's Biscuits Stadium (1991-1994)
Tetley's Stadium (1994-2022)

Dewsbury was one of the original 22 rugby clubs that met at the George Hotel on the 29st of August, 1895, regarding the formation of the breakaway Northern Union. Dewsbury did not make an immediate decision.

The Emergency Sub-committee met on the following Tuesday evening (3rd of September). At this meeting, the Dewsbury delegate Mr. Holdsworth presented a telegram - a surprise to most - saying "Dewsbury Club decided last night not to join the Northern Union. Letter following -- Holdsworth."

Subsequently, two delegates from Runcorn who were in attendance asked that they might be allowed to fill the unexpected vacancy, which was unanimously agreed to.