Dean Bell

Referee Career

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Dean Cameron Bell
Sunday, 29th April, 1962
Current Age
61 years and 154 days
Place Of Birth
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Awards & Accolades

Man Of Steel Award
Lance Todd Trophy

Known Family Links

Clayton Friend
Ian Bell
Cameron Bell


Rated the best centre in the world by former NZ coach Graham Lowe in the late 1980s, the Kiwi Test star’s time with Easts was marred by suspension and injury. Bell, who made the first of 26 Test appearances in 1983, first played in England with the Carlisle club in 1982-83. The fiery winger/centre turned out for Leeds in 1983-86 before returning to Easts for the part of the 1988 season. Bell mellowed and matured as a player, and captained the Kiwis to a Test win over Great Britain that year. He later led the champion Wigan club during its dominance of English club football in 1991-94. After a decade with Wigan, Bell returned to NZ in 1995 to become the inaugural captain of the Auckland Warriors before seeing out his career with Leeds in 1996. Bell is on the Wigan RL Club executive and is in charge of youth development at the club.

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