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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
Dec 15th Ashes Series 1956/57 Game 3 H Great Britain W 19-0 Australia   A Prescott Station Road 17,542 #10 Front Row T: 1 View
Jan 26th H Great Britain W 45-12 France   A Prescott Headingley 20,221 #10 Front Row T: 1 View
Mar 3rd A Great Britain D 19-19 France   A Prescott Minimes 16,000 #10 Front Row   View
Apr 10th H Great Britain W 29-14 France   A Prescott Knowsley 23,250 #10 Front Row   View
Jun 15th World Cup 1957 Game 1 A N Great Britain W 23-5 France   A Prescott SCG 50,077 #10 Front Row   View
Jun 17th World Cup 1957 Game 2 A Great Britain L 6-31 Australia   A Prescott SCG 58,655 #8 Front Row   View
Jun 25th World Cup 1957 Game 3 A N Great Britain L 21-29 New Zealand   A Prescott SCG 14,263 #10 Front Row T: 1 View
Nov 3rd A Great Britain W 25-14 France   A Prescott Municipal 15,762 #11 Second Row   View
Nov 23rd H Great Britain W 44-15 France   A Prescott Central Park 19,152 #11 Second Row   View
Mar 2nd A Great Britain W 23-9 France   A Prescott Alpes 20,000 #11 Second Row   View

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