Papua New Guinea vs. France

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Papua New Guinea 18 lost to France 20

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Sunday, July 7th, 1991
Colin Morris
Danny Leahy Oval (Goroka)
  Papua New Guinea France
  18 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Paul Gela   Denis Bienes
    James Naipo   David Despin
        Jean-Marc Garcia
Goals   Ipisa Wanega (5)   Patrick Torreilles (4)


Fullback 1. Ipisa Wanega 1. Christophe Auroy
Wing 2. Arnold Krewanty 2. Jean-Marc Garcia
Centre 3. Paul Gela 3. David Despin
Centre 4. Elias Kamiak 4. Denis Bienes
Wing 5. Joe Rema 5. Cyril Pons
Five-Eighth 6. Stanley Haru 6. Pascal Fages
Halfback 7. Gigmai Ongugo 7. Patrick Entat
Front Row 8. James Naipo 8. Gerard Boyals
Hooker 9. Bernard Bate 9. Patrick Torreilles
Front Row 10. John Unagi 10. Thiery Buttignol
Second Row 11. Thomas Daki 11. Bernard Plante
Second Row 12. Max Tiri 12. Didier Cabestany
Lock 13. Joe Gispe 13. Daniel Verdes
Bench 14. Joshua Kouoru 14. Pierre Chamorin
Bench 15. Johannes Kola 15. Lindsay Delpech
Bench 16. Opoe Soga    
Bench 17. Kes Paglipari    
Coach   Skerry Palanga    

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