Oldham Bears vs. Adelaide Rams

Oldham Bears 2 lost to Adelaide Rams 18

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Friday, July 25th, 1997
John Connolly
Boundary Park (Oldham)
  Oldham Bears Adelaide Rams
  2 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Danny Grimley
        Wayne Simonds
        Steve Stone
Goals   Luke Goodwin (1)   Luke Williamson (3)


Fullback 1. Paul Atcheson 1. Kurt Wrigley
Wing 2. David Jones 2. Wayne Simonds
Centre 3. Howard Hill 3. Solomon Kiri
Centre 4. Luke Goodwin 4. Danny Grimley
Wing 5. Peaufai Leuila 5. Jason Donnelly
Five-Eighth 6. Francis Maloney 6. Luke Williamson
Halfback 7. Martin Crompton 7. Stuart Topper
Front Row 8. Ian Gildart 8. Andrew Hick
Hooker 9. John Clarke 9. Steve Stone
Front Row 10. Brett Goldspink 10. Alan Cann
Second Row 11. Joe Faimalo 11. Kevin Campion
Second Row 12. Paul Davidson 12. Bruce Mamando
Lock 13. Ian Russell 13. Dave Boughton
Bench 14. Matt Munro 14. Dean Schifilliti
Bench 15. Paul Topping 15. Elias Paiyo
Bench 16. David Stephenson 16. Brett Galea
Bench 17. Gary Lord 17. Cameron Blair
Coach   Bob Lindner   Rod Reddy

Match Notes

The kickoff was delayed by more than an hour, with the Adelaide team stuck in traffic on the M62 caused by a fatal accident.

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