St Helens vs. Paris St Germain

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St Helens 42 def. Paris St Germain 4

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Wednesday, August 13th, 1997
Russell Smith
Knowsley Road (St Helens)
  St Helens Paris St Germain
  42 4

Match Stats

Halftime Score 26 4
Penalties 12 11

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Joey Hayes (2)   Shaun Mahony
    Keiron Cunningham    
    Andy Haigh    
    Alan Hunte    
    Sean Long    
    Chris Morley    
    Anthony Sullivan    
Goals   Sean Long (5)    


Fullback 1. Danny Arnold 1. Deon Bird
Wing 2. Joey Hayes 2. Shaun Mahony
Centre 3. Alan Hunte 3. Tony Wall
Centre 4. Andy Haigh 4. Alexandre Couttet
Wing 5. Anthony Sullivan 5. Nick Hyde
Five-Eighth 6. Karle Hammond 6. Fabien Devecchi
Halfback 7. Sean Long 7. Phil Bergman
Front Row 8. Andy Leathem 8. Craig Menkins
Hooker 9. Keiron Cunningham 9. Troy Bellamy
Front Row 10. Julian O'Neill 10. Tony Priddle
Second Row 11. Vila Mata'utia 11. Didier Cabestany
Second Row 12. Derek McVey 12. Michael Hogue
Lock 13. Chris Joynt 13. Romain Sort
Bench 14. Ian Pickavance 14. Nicolas Couttet
Bench 15. Andy Northey 15. Jerome Azema
Bench 16. Chris Morley 16. Philippe Ricard
Bench 17. Paul Anderson 17. Abderazak El Khalouki
Coach   Shaun McRae   Andy Goodway

Match Notes

Thanks to Terry Liberopoulos for providing the match details.

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