New Zealand vs Australia 1983 Series

Game 2

Australia 12 lost to New Zealand 19

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Saturday, July 9th, 1983
Robin Whitfield
Lang Park (Brisbane)
Official Man of the Match
Shane Varley
  Australia New Zealand
  12 19

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 9
Scrums 13 11
Penalties 10 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Steve Ella   James Leuluai
    Eric Grothe   Joe Ropati
        Graeme West
Goals   Mal Meninga (2/3)   Nick Wright (3/4)
Field Goals       Nick Wright


Fullback 1. Colin Scott 1. Nick Wright
Wing 2. Kerry Boustead 2. Joe Ropati
Centre 3. Mal Meninga 3. James Leuluai
Centre 4. Gene Miles 4. Fred Ah Kuoi
Wing 5. Eric Grothe 5. Dean Bell
Five-Eighth 6. Wally Lewis 6. Gordon Smith
Halfback 7. Steve Mortimer 7. Shane Varley
Front Row 17. Brad Tessmann 13. Mark Broadhurst
Hooker 12. Max Krilich (c) 12. Howie Tamati
Front Row 11. Dave Brown 11. Dane Sorensen
Second Row 10. Wally Fullerton-Smith 10. Graeme West (c)
Second Row 9. Paul Vautin 9. Kurt Sorensen
Lock 8. Ray Price 8. Gary Prohm
Bench 14. Steve Ella 14. Ron O'Regan
Bench 15. Ray Brown 15. Ian Bell
Coach   Arthur Beetson   Graham Lowe

Match Notes

Ray Price and Shane Varley were joint 'man-of-the-match' winners. The reason why this was the case is because Ray Price was originally chosen as Man Of The Match. An award only Australian players were eligible for. Because Winfield Sponsored it as well as Sponsoring just the Australian Team. Then after a lot of Complaints to the switchboard at Channel 9 who covered the Test Match, another Man Of The Match Award was made out to Shane Varley. - Paul Carter
Brad Tessman Wore No 17 in this Test because the No 13 Guernsey he was supposed to wear was stolen the day before the Test - Paul Carter

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