Kiwis Tour 1947 Series


Wakefield Trinity 3 lost to New Zealand 30

Kiwis Tour 1947/48 - Game
3 30
New Zealand
Match Info
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Status Completed
Date Saturday, 6th December, 1947
Venue Belle Vue (Wakefield)
Crowd 11,959
Match Scoresheet
    T 3 Len JORDAN
      2 Arthur McINNARNEY
      2 Maurie ROBERTSON
      Bob AYNSLEY
    G 3 Warwick CLARKE
    FB 1 Warwick CLARKE
    W 2 Arthur McINNARNEY
    C 3 Ron McGREGOR
    C 4 Maurie ROBERTSON
    W 5 Len JORDAN
    FE 6 Roy CLARK
    HB 7 Jim HAIG
    FR 8 Patrick SMITH
    HK 9 Bob AYNSLEY
    FR 10 Joffe JOHNSON
    2R 11 Travers HARDWICK
    2R 12 Charlie McBRIDE
    L 13 Ken MOUNTFORD

Team Info

Wakefield Trinity

Previous Game:
Yorkshire Cup 1947/48 - Final Replay vs. Leeds
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New Zealand

Previous Game:
Kiwis Tour 1947/48 - Game 23 vs. Barrow
Next Game:
Kiwis Tour 1947/48 - Game 25 vs. Bramley
Raymond Nuttall (fullback), Jack Forrest (wing), Des Barchard (five-eighth), Rex Cunningham (halfback), George Davidson (hooker), Claude Hancox (front row), Jack Newton (second row), Arthur Gilman (second row)
Warwick Clarke (fullback), Ron McGregor (centre), Roy Clark (five-eighth), Jim Haig (halfback), Patrick Smith (front row), Bob Aynsley (hooker), Travers Hardwick (second row), Charlie McBride (second row)
Len Jordan (centre to wing)

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Contributions: Andrew Ferguson