France vs New Zealand 1947 Series

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Game 1

France 7 lost to New Zealand 11

Match URL
Sunday, December 28th, 1947
Rene Guidicelli
Parc des Princes (Paris)
  France New Zealand
  7 11

Match Stats

Halftime Score 7 11

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Gaston Calixte   Jack Forrest
        Len Jordan
        Ron McGregor
Goals   Puig Aubert (2)   Warwick Clarke (1)


Fullback 1. Puig Aubert (c) 1. Warwick Clarke
Wing 2. Ode Lespes 2. Len Jordan
Centre 3. Joseph Maso 3. Maurie Robertson
Centre 4. Gaston Comes 4. Ron McGregor
Wing 5. Henri Sorondo 5. Jack Forrest
Five-Eighth 6. Robert Caillou 6. Des Barchard
Halfback 7. Rene Duffort 7. Jim Haig
Front Row 8. Gaston Calixte 8. Jack Newton
Hooker 9. Gabriel Berthomieu 9. Bob Aynsley
Front Row 10. Elie Brousse 10. Patrick Smith (c)
Second Row 11. Ambroise Ulma 11. Arthur Gilman
Second Row 12. Henri Durand 12. Charlie McBride
Lock 13. Andre Beraud 13. Ken Mountford

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