Hungary vs. Malta

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Hungary 10 lost to Malta 20

Match URL
Wednesday, October 10th, 2018
Kick Off
1:45 PM (local time)
Blake Williams
New Era Stadium (Sydney)
  Hungary Malta
  10 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 16
Penalties 8 5

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)       Kyal Greene
Tries   Paul Ivan   Adam Campbell
    Brent Varga   Tyler Cassel
        Josh Cregan
        Kyal Greene
Goals   Jared Farkas (1/2)   Nathan Benson (2/4)


Fullback 1. Cruize Turay 1. Emanuel Sultana
Wing 2. Brent Varga 2. Nathan Benson
Centre 3. Josh Institoris 3. Ben Stone
Centre 4. Paul McKewin 4. Kyle Cassel
Wing 5. Nathan Farkas 5. Jake Scott
Five-Eighth 6. Aaron Farkas 6. Justin Rodrigues
Halfback 7. David Farkas (c) 7. Jono Dallas
Front Row 8. Daniel Ivan 8. Blake Phillips
Hooker 9. Stuart Flanagan 9. Jake Attard (c)
Front Row 10. James Kovac 10. Kyal Greene
Second Row 11. Billy Mozer 11. Tyler Cassel
Second Row 12. Paul Ivan 12. Aaron Grech
Lock 13. Jared Farkas 13. Joshua Martin
Bench 14. Dane Weatherill 14. Adam Campbell
Bench 15. Jayson Gerecs 15. Josh Cregan
Bench 16. Simon Kalafusz 16. Jake Lennox
Bench 17. Karoly Acsai 17. Zach Borg
Coach   Jonathan Wilson   Peter Cassar
        Aaron McDonald

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Contributions: Max Turner


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