Greece vs. Hungary

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Greece 26 def. Hungary 18

Match URL
Saturday, October 13th, 2018
Kick Off
1:55 PM (local time)
Ethan Murray
St Marys Stadium #2 Field (Sydney)
  Greece Hungary
  26 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 16 6
Penalties 8 8

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)       Karoly Acsai
Tries   Peter Mamouzelos (2)   Karoly Acsai
    George Tsikrikas (2)   Paul Ivan
    Sam Stratis   Paul McKewin
Goals   Sam Stratis (3/6)   Jared Farkas (3/3)


Fullback 1. Laurence Zarounas 1. Cruize Turay
Wing 2. Konstantinos Katsidonis 2. Gergely Nagy
Centre 3. Nick Mougios 3. Brent Varga
Centre 4. Sam Stratis 4. Paul McKewin
Wing 5. Dimosthenis Kartsonakis 5. Nathan Farkas
Five-Eighth 6. Alex Zarounas 6. Jared Farkas
Halfback 7. Tremaine Terzis 7. David Farkas (c)
Front Row 16. Billy Tsikrikas 8. Daniel Ivan
Hooker 9. Peter Mamouzelos 9. Dane Weatherill
Front Row 10. Stefanos Bastas 10. Simon Kalafusz
Second Row 11. George Tsikrikas 11. Billy Mozer
Second Row 12. Mitchell Zampetides (c) 12. Paul Ivan
Lock 13. Terry Constantinou 13. Gyula Nikoletti
Bench 14. Jake Vrahnos 14. Josh Warner
Bench 15. Ioannis Rousoglou 18. Karoly Acsai
Bench 22. Robert Tuliatu 16. Joel Saaghy
Bench 20. Aristoteli Taktikos 17. Mark Czifra
Coach   Steve Georgallis   Jonathan Wilson

Match Notes

Thanks to Terry Liberopoulos for providing the Greece team details.

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Contributions: Max Turner


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